True or False.. does it really matter here?

True or False

I do not normally post “non second life” content here but, in this case.. I had to ask a question…

I literally just today found this story of a man who adopts a dog from the local shelter, and while in the trial period, remembers a letter and other items that came with the dog..

I invite you to read about it here.. make sure you read this before moving on..

Man Is About To Surrender His Dog To The Shelter When He Opens A Heartbreaking Letter From The Former Owner…

Now before you judge the link, yes, it came from, “goingviral” but, trust me.. it is worth reading, regardless.

Now, after reading this, I wanted to share the post straight away so, I googled the name of the person in the letter.. (see how I worded that? Now you have to read to get their name)..

And I found some people debunking the letter.. the whole story really…

The thing is, why does it really matter?

The writer of the story is not asking for money.. there is no harm being done..
it brings attention to Animal Shelters, and adoption.. and who are “we” to say that maybe the story ISN’T true, in one adaption or another.

I know when I was younger, a story, was so much better than the honest truth.
I had a hard life.. and yet, now, that I am older, I understand it is better to be honest but,
maybe the writer of this story, DID have something similar happen to them and this was the way to share it.

In the end.. why is it so important to people to debunk everything..
as long as no one is being hurt.. it really makes no sense to break peoples hearts, and hopes..

Honestly, I do believe this story in some forms..
Meaning, I do believe in the love of an animal and their owner, that it could pass through life or death..
And I do believe that bond can be passed between people..

For a closing thought.. I just wanted to say, I believe in this story…
The facts may be fudged but,
It awakened my hopes of adopting another animal, and it made me what to share it with everyone here…

I guess it ends up being readers choice.



3 thoughts on “True or False.. does it really matter here?

  1. I hope you adopted a dog. Adopting and not buying saves lives. I believe sometimes army people surrender their dogs when moving abroad, not sure about this story but you can say Reggie/Tank was a very lucky dog because NYC shelters as many other shelters in the States kill the surrendered dogs in a few days since they know there wont be an owner claiming it. Healthy and very well behaved dogs, even puppies even more if they are pitbulls., It is sad and it will go on till the shelter law is not change and “euthanasia” would be illegal. Thanks for sharing.

    • np. well, we have adopted cats and dogs over the years. the dog we have now, is a pure bred shitzu, and it was bought for me for mothers day, omg.. umm 8 yrs ago.. and the cat we had adopted passed away a few years back, so atm, we won’t be adopting any new pets but, when we are ready, i will be going to the cat rescue to get a kitty 🙂

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