Know when to walk away.. know when to run.

Secret thoughts.

I was going to post a closing message video to all that I have been through this week but,
I have decided that I am not going to give “them” anymore power over me.

“They” have made me out to be this horrible person.. and although it took me a few days,
I have realized, I am not horrible.. I just want to understand things, and when stuff gets too much,
I tend to freak out, as you all well know..
In this case, I was asked a question, I answered, my answer was not good enough, and so the judgement, and sad comments were made..
Although those comments made me -feel- worthless, no matter what “they” say to me, or about me, I am -not- worthless.
I am a manic depressive, with Asperger’s, and I have always been open and honest about it, and if that is not good enough for, “them”, then maybe they are not good -for- me.
I will always love “her” but, in the end, I have to think about -my- family as well as myself…
And, half truths, and asking more of me than I can mentally handle, is unfair.. so,

I will not give anymore power to “them” or “her”...

If one day, “she” decides that “she” would like to try again.. I am here…
For now, I am going to work on getting back on my medication, and starting therapy to become a better person..
Not for anyone else but, myself.

I hope that I can count on my friends for support through this.. because, it may be hard at first but,
in the end.. it is what is best for everyone involved.

Note: This is not a negative post about “them”.. as much as “they” would like to think it is.. it is just a matter of fact, and personal opinion, and self discovery.

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