Apple May Designs, POPUP SALE!

(AMD) Pop Up Sale!

Surprise Pop Up Sale @ Apple May Designs

All items, store wide (including AMD for Men & the Discount Store) have been discounted 50% through this weekend only!
Sale prices only apply to the main store location!

In addition to the pop up sale you’ll notice some new recolors of existing products like,
Hannah in gold & silver along with a vibrant blue version of the Cressida dress.

✰ Style Guide:

✰ Flickr:

✰ Marketplace:

✰ Group: (copy & paste in local chat) secondlife:///app/group/f7b71642-9b18-1e93-bcdd-7742d11ed920/about

✰ Facebook:

You Apple May Designs Limo Awaits!

~small note: at the time of posting, sim was down. keep checking. xo


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