Life is nothing but a party

A stain on the human soul

Some what of a rant, that I think you can relate too…..

I wanted to say, and I am sure this goes through many of your minds as well.. but, I wanted to ask, I think that is a better way to put it, that my friends, or contacts, contact me not only when they need something.. now, by “something”.. I am excluding things like.. needing someone to talk too.. that is not what this is about.

I am referring to the people that contact me out of the blue, after not speaking to me for months and months, and wanting a free photo, or shape, or for me to create a texture for free, or.. help with their wordpress, or wanting to know what I wore in a shape ad, when there is a styling card included with the shape.

These people are what is referred to as “fair weather friends”..  They are not “there for me” when I need them but, if they need something from me, they fringe on the “hey sweetie.. how are you.. how have you been doing”.. blah blah blah.. and then pipe in with the “hey, could i get……. from you”.. or like today/yesterday, one person just opened up with wanting something from me.. then asked how I have been… so they were able to take the time to look up my name, go to my profile, hit “send message” but, didn’t have enough time to look at the past even week of my life and see how much trouble I have been having with my heart, or how sad I have been… didn’t think that maybe this was not a proper time to be asking for things for free? Asking for a favor, and then… get this.. complaining about it?

Life is nothing but a party


In the end, after being pushed, and pushed by this person.. I logged on SL.. even though I really wanted to just rest.. and I sent her a shape and then logged off immediately.. Why stay any longer? I know she didn’t want anything else from me.. so why bother?

This is why I almost never ask people for things because, I do not want them thinking I am a fair weather friend.

I try to stay close to a few people in Second Life.. like my family, or people that have given support to me when I have needed it, like Isis.. but, others, I keep them at arms length, so to speak..

It comes down to people like the one in this post that make it almost impossible for me to bond, and trust others…

I for one, will never be a fair weather friend.. And for those closest to me, I will always pay attention to their needs.. if I fall behind, I will always check with them once I am feeling better because let’s face it.. I cannot help morally support my friends, if I am unable to emotionally support myself.. so, take care of yourself before you try to help others.

However, with this in mind.. don’t be a fair weather friend.. you never know.. even a daily “hug’ im or, random messages… could mean a huge difference.

Anyway.. I am bored of this rant now.. I am going to post and then.. idk.. maybe go to bed again.. or, watch Orange is the new Black.. so far, I am liking it.. never saw it before but, I am up to episode 8…. anyway.. have a great day.. and please keep this rant in mind. xo

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