Blogging the Hair Fair: Part 2

Tableau Vivant

Hello shiny happy people..
And those that are not so shiny and happy, lol.. i hope this post will make you smile.


Since it has taken me a few days to post this due to real life weather (so cannot control that, lol), I decided to finish up my “blogger packs”, that folks from the fair were nice enough to accept my application to blog for them for this awesome event..

There are a few, so make sure you have a good look at them..


Now, I was in a dark place yesterday, in my mind.. and if you know me well enough, you know, I tend to go dark hair when I am sad..
I chose darker colors for this post but, I can promise you, by the time I finished all the photos.. my mind and heart were in a much better place.

No Match

I made a new friend in world.. Deadpoolxx , some of you may know him by another name but, I share this because he has an awesome store, and I think it would be epic for you all to go check it out.. here is the LINK.
Sharing his marketplace store because, I cannot seem to be able to find his inworld store!


Also, I sent out a virtual hug to everyone on my friendlist that was online when I felt the need to send one..
Heck, here.. click this link if you feel you need a hug. I promise, it is safe, and cute and adorkable!

Mina Hair

A virtual hug may not seem like much to an “outsider”, or to someone who has many friends, family, or others that they can hug..
And there may be people out there that troll people like us.. but, not everyone has the ability to receive a random hug, or to find one when the need one..
So, a “virtual” hug, or a mental hug as some may call it.. is so much better than nothing at all.
It means, for however long.. people from around the world are thinking about you in that moment.. when maybe you feel lost..


Never underestimate the power of an internet hug.

Tameless Hair

Just talking to people on my friendlist last night, helped so much.

Please do me a favor.. I know many of you hate those group IMs… *whistles away innocently while hiding the evidence*, but keep in mind.. although it may be a minute of an inconvenience for whatever reason.. read the context of the message..
Sometimes, you never know when, you may be able to talk someone off a proverbial ledge… and in that case.. you become that persons hero.. or just talking to them.. it helps.. every single action in a positive note, helps.

Thank you to my friends, and contacts.. you were all my hero! xo

Styling Info can be found here.

Hair Fair 2016

Hair Fair 2016 – Info

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