Blogging the Hair Fair: Part 1


Hello ladies! As you will see, there are many… many.. hair styles at the hair fair this year.

Red Mint

I have decided to do things a bit differently than what I had originally planned..

I was going to do a video of the hairs that I have been granted for blogging but, I feel sharing them through photos would be the best way for now.


Of course I will also video blog them from time to time.. but, for now, please enjoy these beautiful styles from these amazing stylists!

ASO! & Soothe

And a message to all the designers that granted me blogger packs, thank you so much!!


I am truly grateful.

Alice Project

Now, don’t get comfy!!

These are not the only hairs that I have to blog.. this was just the first set that I unpacked..

There are still many more coming!

And then there are the hairs I purchased, and the freebies.. oh man.. the freebies, lol…

Wait til you see the AMAZING job the organizers have done this year..

Other years have been great but, I must admit, this is my favorite so far!

Tons of space to move about, very low lag, if there was any.. and the Bandanas all look great.

I shall return later today with the next installment of, “Blogging the Hair Fair”

Your Limousine to the fair awaits….

Hair Fair 2016

Hair Fair 2016 – Info

Styling info can be found here!

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