A New release for So Hawt SL Shapes!

So Hawt SL - Eretria - COMING VERY SOON!!!

I know I have taken my sweet time getting this out but, in my defense, there are many events going on, and it was the worse time to have PC issues but, I am working on yet another shape because, I am currently sitting at 946 subscribers on youtube so, I have to start making the gifts for that milestone!

If you are a designer, or even a blogger, and would like to contribute a small gift, it could even be a freebie, it doesn’t matter, I will rent a location in world for one month, where you can set your item there for 0L – 1L, or you can send it to me, to add to a gift pack.

If you are interested in this please message me by my SL Email, mhilra@gmail.com

This is just an idea..

In the item / pack you would include a gift, a note with all your information on it.. such as blog, store, landmarks, flickr, facebook.. etc..

I would love some input on this, as this is going to be a first for me.. 1000 subscribers, that is a HUGE milestone.. and honestly, I never thought I would reach it but, it looks are though it is just around the corner!!

If you would like to subscribe to my youtube channel, please click here.

Anyway, I shall let you all go and shop, please try on a demo of my shape before purchase.

The demo shapes from now on,  will be edited in the “tummy, ears, hands, feet and hips” however, the face will be intact and so is the chest.

Thank you again!!

So Hawt SL – Eretria – Marketplace

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