Bandana Day!

Make a Bandana

If you need a kit, please contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx.

Or you can purchase it for 0L at Winx & Flair in world where you will also find the Hair Fair Subscribo, so you can keep up to date with all news.

Please only use this kit for what it is intended for.

For more information, please check The Hair Fair 2016 website.

This year, I hope to create two of these, Bandana’s.

One in honor of my father, who is currently battling Leukemia.. and has been for a few years..

We have been lucky so far.. as he has made it through one sever bout of pneumonia.. and although we were afraid he would not see his next birthday, it is looking much more promising.. Although he will never actually recover, as told to us recently, he still continues to fight.. He is lucky. He has all of us, pushing him..

When I say, “my dad”.. he is actually, Jeff’s dad.. however, 18yrs + has given me the honor to call him father.. He has inspired me to fight. Illnesses, challenges, despair.. he is always there, to tell me to go on. To push past my limitations but, not to forget to rest when I need too.

I am not sure even -he- understands the impact that he has had on my life.. and the only way I can show him is by … not giving up, even when I feel that I cannot go on.. to fight to be here for my children.. for my family.

Thank you, Dad. – Garry Stroop.

My second Bandana will be dedicated to all the survivors!

We cannot forget that, even after the battle, the fight is still there.

A Cancer  Survivor’s fight to live is still present and they need support, even after the threat has passed.

It is important not to forget to love, support, and fight for the health of the survivor but, also to help them, to help others, and to give each other hope.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope to have everything ready to send to Sasy asap.

Enjoy yourselves!

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