One Room at a Time Series – The Kitchen

One Room at a Time - Kitchen

It’s time to decorate!
I figure, I will decorate our home, and that that way, when Kaelyn comes back, we can create something around our home (Tis and mine) to match the house but, at the same time, cater to that little fae inside me looking for spread her wings and fly.
Tiseral seems more about modern convinces, so if I were to go for an idea like that, I would go with gardens, and hills.. waterfalls, and a secret hideaway..
PS – Never allow Tis in the house while you are decorating… this kitchen set is an “adult” one, lol.. which, Zhoie, if you are reading this.. THAT is why I said KINKY lol.
Anyway.. I was on Skype off sl, and Tiseral was on playing with the poses, and announcing them..

One Room at a Time - Kitchen

Speaking of Zhoie and this Kitchen Set..
Zhoie Zimermann was sweet and sent this to me, when I told her that it caught my fancy!
She is the owner of, Zen Creations, and this set is called, Cookhouse Kitchen.

This set is as follows..
(please keep this in mind, I did not see the items, a table with wheels, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.. I have been having issues with win7 vs second life… so I may have missed it.

Zen Creations:

Cookhouse Kitchen



Butcher block island


Cabinet shelf

Table and Chairs

Chalkboard art

Set of planters

Place setting with dish-ware, cutlery and place-mat

Cook book and stand

Canister set of three


Frying pan with eggs

Bowl of cherries

Oven mit on hanger

Color Hud

& Lots of extras!

Thank you to, Zhoie Zimermann for this awesome offer.

Anyway, I just wanted you to be able to see the first room, and I will post room per room as I go along with a big reveal at the end with a video of the whole house and land..

Yes, you have to wait that long but, who knows..

Kaelyn Alecto is an amazing photographer & has some awesome ideas for landscaping, so hopefully I will be able to pick her brain for something fast but, beautiful!

Please go check out her awesome flickr stream!

Another blog to check this set out at would be,

Low Res Lovely by  Bella Beauclerc

So, in closing, haha this one took some time to do.. and I am actually going to attempt to back this OS up, and then head back over to windows 10.. because, I NEED my Second Life and my Youtube and my Wow.. and.. well, all of you awesome people.

Family, friends, readers.. jokers.. you all rule!

Thank you for commenting!

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