I want to see you dance!

I want to see you dance

This is a review on a few dance animation stores I visited today.

I decided to travel around Second Life checking out some of the stores I liked going to in the past, to see if anyone had anything new going on.
I went to My Animations.. and although in the past I have always loved their store.. it has become so.. I guess, messy or disorganized…

“New releases” are no longer clearly marked.. and the ones that are marked as a new release.. were new releases over a year ago.. so, I did not purchase anything there because, I was unsure of what was new, and what was older…
I feel bad of course saying that but, I have to be honest..

I next went to a store called, Ministry of Motion.
My first impressions of this store would have to be… omg, it’s sooo BIG!
Yeah, yeah.. I know, I know…
“That’s what SHE said!”…
Now, if you are looking for those old animations like, drunkin walk or, band style animations.. ie: playing the guitar or, playing the drums… this is a great place.
Don’t get me wrong.. there are other cool dances but, and again, this is my honest opinion, and you have the right to disagree but, I did find that the store is a tad dis organized.
I wish there was more of a rhyme and reason to it.
The new dances are scattered among the old dances, with red signs pointing them out.. the signs are “full bright” which in my opinion, washes out a bit about the white..
I did purchase one dance from them.. as I do not have any actual dances, only the above mentioned animations..
And oddly enough, it was one of the older styles.

Now this in no way means, do not visit their stores.. go! You never know what you will find!

I then remembered a store called, There In Spirit that I once did a video in, to show off the dances..
I remembered having nothing to do that day, and being enthralled by some of the animations, and thought, heyyy.. why not share these with the public at large?
If you would like to see that video, you can reach it with this link.

This store is awesome.. reason? The dances are so much more fluid, and they have many varieties!
Ladies, men.. heck, I have even seen a few dances kids (rp) could use!
And I have seen very minimal cutting! If there is cutting, it doesn’t last long with most of the animations constantly moving.

So, as I was saying, I decided to visit the store, and when I walked in.. me being a massive freebie collector, I instantly saw the 3 free dances that are available ONLY this weekend..
So, right away, I shared this info with all my social media, and I even took a chance, and shared it with the 85 people that were online on my list this evening.. as well as sharing it with a group I knew for sure there would be ppl that would love to have some very hot, sexy dances!

Since I am not sure I got to everyone, I wanted to share it with you.. my reader, my youtube viewers..
Anyone that you share this with!

To grab your 3 free dances, and yes, it is three separate dances, just come to the store with this teleport, and the blue/black panels on the ground, right click and select “get”, and they will be sent to you.
You only have this weekend to grab the freebies however, they have so many amazing animations, you should really have a look around.
Couples, singles, and there is even a ton of really awesome club equipment!
Hehe, I bought a disco ball… and what I found that was really cool is that, when you preview the disco ball, they teach you how to enable projections properly!

I decided to film me dancing on one of the new releases again.. this one is called, All about Me.
I really hope you enjoy it.

This is likely #1 in my list of favorite dance animation stores.
Top 5, I will have to think on that but, I do like the above stores as well.. however, I do think they need work.

There in Spirit is, well organized.. with all the new releases in one area, and the older ones in another.
And they are very professional looking as well.
The store is inviting, and if you get lost, there are teleport signs every where.
Plus, with the club equipment, you can preview it right there in the store!

I highly recommend visiting if you have not yet.. and if you do it this weekend you will receive the three free dances!

Once again, this is your limo to There in Spirit.

If you would like to know what I am wearing in the video, please click here.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

~Morgana Hilra~
Your Morgie!

PS: I included the other store urls so you can see them for yourselves.
Never know.. you may find something you like. xo

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