Come visit, The Fantasy Faire, 2016

The Fantasy Fair

Over the past couple of days, I have been visiting the Fantasy Faire in an attempt to film the sims.. however, I may have a low connection or, there could be a storm coming, which is likely since the weather folks have been teasing us for days about one but, I managed to get a few..
Originally it was only 7 sims I managed to go to and wait out til they rezzed in.. however, after processing, I decided to try one more time.. and I managed to add another sim.. so, I hope that you like this video.
Please share it with your friends, other bloggers, parents, who ever…

Sims I visited were..


tinker’s hollow,

twilight illusion,

bright haven,

The Golden Delta,

Sapphire Mirror Lake,



Click banner to visit, The Fireland Portals!

Fantasy Faire 2016

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