Hunt for your inner…….


This is an Adult orientated event. However, as long as you can handle Mature items, it is fun for everyone.. (well, unless you are an RP child, then please go as an 18 yr old. thanks!)

The hunt will start April 15, 2016 at 12:00AM SLT (00:00).

The hunt will end May 15, 2016 at 11:59PM SLT (23:59).

Hunt for your inner Slut Headquarters

Hunt Hints & URLS

About HYIS and the Coordinator

About the hunt: A Second Life Hunt for top quality, detailed, lovingly-made adult goods, going on since July 2012. It was originally started because there were a few adult hunts, but nothing that really offered a wide variety of high-quality goods that I wanted to suggest to my friends.  Plus there are SOOOO many stores that I run into that people don’t even KNOW about yet!

I want EVERY adult-minded Second Life resident to know about all the amazing high quality stores that cater to their needs, and not just the regular slap-dash average items you can find everywhere.  I also want all the creators who really put love into their work to be recognized and have a little free advertising to help improve their customer base:)

BLOG: (old blog, switching over for Feb 2014 to this site)



GROUP: secondlife:///app/group/49e20bf5-764c-f004-6d93-003832988ba6/about .

The following is all the information about an amazing lady.. AKA MY MOMMA!

About The Coordinator: Leannan Wolgfang (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw) is an SL entrepreneur who loves creating and being involved in different aspects of the SL adult community and other areas of SL life.  My main enjoyment of Second Life is making people smile, through visual arts and music. Coordinating hunts became a HUGE part of my life when I first started planning a hunt for a large adult sim, but then realized my dream of a grid-wide adult hunt needed to be un-restricted to one main venue, and the quality needed to BE part of the reputation.

The businesses she is involved in:

❦ Owner of Erotipose (a small erotic photography pose store that is slowly growing)

❦ Owner/Founder/Main Slave of Hunt for Your Inner Slut

❦ Co-Owner of Erotic by Design

❦ Live performer (singing)

❦ Hunt Coordinator for BUSTed Magazine Hunts

❦ Actress in several SL erotica movies (both silent and voiceover)

❦ Director/Co-owner of In Da Pink Productions and Studio

❦ Sales Associate for Xplicit Furnishings

❦ Hobby erotica photographer

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