Reviews ~ Galore!

The Challenger

Oh man! I am super excited about this review!
I included a few things in this one and I really hope everyone has a chance to watch it!
I know it is a bit long, as you know I try to cover everything in one vlog but, trust me, there are things that you do not want to miss!!
I am so excite atm.. don’t mind me, lol.. I am off on a tangant.. so, do me a favor and have a watch, a listen, whatever.. lol I have been told by some that they like to set my youtube up to listen too and then just work while they listen, lol.. Apparently some of my videos are pretty funny!
If you like it, or even if you just think I am a total nut job, please share this post with your friends!

PS: Thank you to all the people on facebook & plurk for all your help in finding the items I needed for this post.. sometimes, that is the most challenging part of blogging, putting together the look that you have in your mind.. your vision.

note: Nothing was meant about the “typical blonde” comment, lol.. just adding this in case maybe someone out there takes offense.

Morgana Hilra’s photostream

Morgana’s Youtube Channel

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Eretria | Morgana Hilra | WIP

Hair | Tableau Vivant |  Limbo hair | M4ri1yn Magic | We love Role Play | April | 2016

Eyes | [theSkinnery] | Sona eye collection 7 | umazuma.metaluna | Chapter Four | April | 2016

Face Paint | [Le Forme] | Native Paint Catwa  | louise.marsault

Skin/Applier | -Belleza- | Sara Catwa Applier Fatpack | Shyla Diggs |

Tattoo | .Inhale. | Batte Tattoo | ranhendrix | Chapter Four | April | 2016

Head | Catwa Mesh Head | Sarah | catwa.clip | Updated

Hands | Slink| Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual |Siddean Munro

Feet | Slink | Avatar Enhancement | Feet –high | Siddean Munro


Top | *May’s Soul* | Drakonian Angel – Corset | May Tolsen | Gacha ItemIn store

Skirt | [sYs] | MEIKA skirt (fitted & body mesh) | Systi Cisse | We love Role Play | April | 2016

Boots | Wicca’s Wardrobe | Gypsy Boots [Black] | Wicca Merlin | We love Role Play | April | 2016


Necklace | EMPYREAN FORGE | Ah-Kin Collar – Silver |  empyreanforge | We love Role Play | April | 2016

Piercing | [Z O O M] | Osis Pack [Silver/Black] | Jonas Acanthus | Chapter Four | April | 2016 ~ this is the correct event, i made a mistake in the video.

Cuffs | Meva | Salmi Bangle black | Mea Carnell | The Gacha Guardians Event | April | 2016 – website

Tiara | [Le Forme] | Winter Tale Tiara Silver | louise.marsault


Pose / Studio  | [ss] SecondSnaps | Studio 3 v3.07 | Ava Rage

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