Were you listening?

Did you hear me

This is a kind of PSA.. I suppose.
I don’t really know what I was getting at when I started this recording..
I was frustrated, and tired and well.. instead of reacting poorly, I decided to put it in a video.
Hopefully, you will have a look, and share your opinions but, please, actually pay attention to what is said, and not what you “think” I am going to say.
I think that is one of my hugest pet peeves.. when you want to tell people something, they hear a few words then, they assume they know what the rest is about.. when it’s furthest from what they were thinking..

Any who.. have a watch and I will be back either later today to do more vlogging or, I will come tomorrow and do one.

xoxo And thank you to my loyal followers, as we as the new ones. xx

All styling info can be found here, on my previous post.

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