Forever you’re a part of me. – SL Family.

Forever your a part of me.

Warning, this is about my roleplay in Second Life..
Some people have an issue with people that RP family.. meaning drama and all that garbage..
This is a small but, large part of my RP story, through my eyes.

Yes, there are dramatic points.. but, show me a family that has ZERO drama.. can’t do it, can you? lol.
So, let’s begin.

Let me tell you about Gretta. (the lovely lady above)

When Leland and I split ways in SL so many years ago, a woman named Gretta found me searching around her and her husband’s rental sim, trying to find something that I would be able to afford to rent..

We got to chatting, and she made a house off near the water for me to rent..

She introduced me to her then husband Hayden, and from there, we became friends..

My family

The months grew together and Hayden and Gretta adopted me as their daughter… there was so much in between our friendship, til they became my family but, we were there for each other..

As time went one, we had fits and disagreements but, we were always there for each other..

Then.. came the day, Hayden and Gretta separated… and yes, I was sad but, I still had it in my head I had a mommy and daddy still (yes, I am an RP’er.. deal with it!)…

Over time.. things got stressed.. and I lost my daddy.. his girlfriend had decided that she did not want his daughter from another marriage around, and made him choose… so he chose her. There was more to it than that, I am sure… like the fact that, HE told me she cheated on him, so from that day forward, and still to this day, I despised her.

For Hayden
Hayden, Morgie & HERJust a small bit of proof, I did try to get along with her! She wanted me to remove Gretta from my profile. “it hurt her feelings”.. well, eat me!

Either way.. that ended that… and that hurt.. more than anyone knows.. I was close to Hayden, and I miss him.. but, being thrown away like trash.. well.. idk.. it’s not fair.. you do not treat “family” that way…
(so what, i wasn’t nice to her.. i was always taught to tell the truth about how i feel.. so i did.. and of course, it didn’t help that she made up stories and drama just to get me into trouble.. so yeah, i started to act out.. so would anyone.)

Anyway, moving on…

Gretta stayed in my life..

Over the years, we have had so many good times, and a few not so great but, we have always stayed in contact in some way..

She is not on much anymore.., and yes, about a year or so ago I felt lonely.. but, after trying to find a place where I belonged.. and finding that the matches I tried to make were failures.. mainly over miscommunications and stress..
Leannan (a very long time friend) & James took me under their wings and became by family.. my protectors.. my sanity when things are rough in the real world.

Delkor and Morgie
Delkor & Morgie

I also have a really awesome daddy that I adopted from Second Life and made him a perma fixture in my real life.. yes, that means you Delkor!! SL or RL, I will always keep you close. (he’s been there almost since day one of my morgie avie but, alas, is not around much in sl.. boooooo)

Morgana, Jared, James & Leannan

It’s amazing that I do not have to wonder if they have my back, cause, I know they do!
And they are all my family! so, all this goes to show.. that it doesn’t matter if you talk every single day or, if you go for months not talking…
Once you become family.. you are family..
(well, at least in my mind, heart, and soul…)

Two of the best guys in SL.. and lil ole me!
Doom, Morgie & MackNot “family” but, two people I could not without! remember that you two!

We share our good and bad times..
We watch for each others pains, and pleasures and we share them.
(don’t you date make a perv comment on my wording! grr)

Sure, we may not always get along but, what family does?

Bella and Honey

Arabella & HeartMy pretty sister (and umm.. I am not sure where Heart fits in but, she’s here in my heart!!)

This is my FOREVER family..

if your name is not in this list.. it doesn’t mean you’re not included…
if your my family, you know who you are… and you know I would never abandon any of you...

Story Time - Family Time!

It’s a story.. we must read!


(I listed them alphabetically! hehe i am so in tuned with my smarts! LOL! )

Being Us
Darrin/Tis & Morgie

For all the people listed and all the people that are not..
Thank you for becoming a part of my life..
I will always be there for you.. no matter what.. all you have to do is call me.

Frost and Morgie - 2016
Frost & Morgie – Not really “family” but, close friend!

OKAY! So, enough chatting for now!
I want to go and play wow!

I haz conquered the Giant Purple People Eater
Rubee & James

I just wanted to share a little about my RP life..
And some favorite photos.

I love you all!!

And in case you did not know.. meet my role play characters…

Jared, Morgie & Rubee

Pile Me Up?

Feel free to play with the photo.. just let me know if you do!

If you have made it this far, then stay tuned for a blog post, sometime in the next 24 hours sharing the fashion details from the very first photo!!

Leannan and Morgie
Leannan & Morgiegotta love the look on my face, huh? lol

I bet you think I forgot someone super important to me, huh? NOPE!

Hanging with Rio
Rio & Morgie

Thank you all for stopping by and having a read.

I hope that you enjoyed it..

again, this is only a piece of my rp family.. because, we are not RL only.

I love everyone of these people.. they are my heart and soul..

They complete me.

Diamond Rio said it best…

And with all my heart Im sure, were closer than we ever were
I dont have to hear or see, Ive got all the proof I need
There are more than angels watching over me
I believe, oh, I believe

2 thoughts on “Forever you’re a part of me. – SL Family.

  1. all I can say is “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” I barely know darlin, but I wish I knew you better. You are a pure, REAL hearted person who all those people are blessed to have in their life! ❤

    1. hugs jen, you and i are friends, and i care about you! we can strengthen that friendship more 🙂 and yeah, i try to be a good person.. of course, with that example with thea and hayden, even i have a breaking point.. but, you can ask anyone.. if hayden needed me and called out to me, i would be there… sick right? lol.. glutton for punishment.

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