Randomly sharing an experience..

We all need some love....

I am sure that this photo seems a tad morbid.. however, it’s how I feel..
And, I wanted to share this because, I am sure that it has happened to other bloggers.
And I wanted you to know, your not alone.

May I suggest watching the video on youtube it’s self?
You may get a better quality as well as being able to read the blogging points better.
Yes, this round, I added the writing directly on the video.

Thank you for watching.. and for all your support over the years.
Hopefully, I will be around for many more. hehe. xo

For information on the “look of the day”, please refer to my previous post..

4 thoughts on “Randomly sharing an experience..

  1. Maybe the store has a blogging manager and they keep rejecting you, while the designer likes you? It doesn’t make sense that they would tell you to apply over and over again and not accept you! I had a similar thing happen and a designer tell me that my post was great and then when I went to apply to blog for the store, the blogger manager told me my pictures weren’t good enough. So it could be something like that? I’d probably mention it to the designer if they ever tell you to apply again, I’d just say “I probably won’t apply sorry, it’s really disheartening to get rejected constantly after being told to apply, no offence but I don’t understand why you tell me to apply when I don’t get accepted into the blogger group when I do apply” See what they say. It could be a blogger manager that has a different taste to the designer and they keep rejecting you.

    Also I agree, if the designer wanted you to blog for them so badly, they could have sent you the group invite right then and there, it really doesn’t make sense. I’d be getting mad!

    There’s another store that I really wanted to blog for and they said I was qualified to blog for them but I had to jump through a million hoops to get into the blogger group, I gave up on that one! I think there’s a few designers out there that are a bit elitist.

    1. Well, what I am thinking is that maybe their blogger manager worked with me in the past and didn’t like my work.. or, maybe it is personal… or.. idk.. OR like I said in my video, which I really hope is not the case, either they have friends that do not want me to be a part of the team for personal reasons OR… and, like I also said.. that they are doing it on purpose.. I can’t see them doing that though.. however, it still feels that way…
      If they tell me I should try.. I will tell them.. exactly what you’ve said.. thanks but, no thanks… and I will tell them why.. Or.. I will direct them to this post.

      1. Yeah it just seems weird that they’d tell you to apply and then not add you to the group. Baffling! I hope that you find out one way or another. Personally I’m the type of person who would straight out ask them why they told me to apply and then didn’t accept me lol

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