Flower Power 2016! Attention Bloggers!

Flower Power 2016!_Poster

Flower Power 2016!

Flower Power Fair 2016 Overview

What do you say about cheering up your style with flowers, flowers and more flowers?
 February 12th
Hibiscus, daisies, roses or gerberas, it does not matter which one is your favorite flower.
What matters is that you should dress with them from head to toe.
About the theme:
Originally, Flower Power was a slogan used by 60/70’s hippies as a symbol of non-violence.
But for us, on this event it is a symbol that announces the spring coming on the world of fashion.
And for this reason, the order of the day is to use flower-themes from head to toe!
The idea is to use the irreverence and freedom of the 70s, the happiness of the colors and the delicacy of flowers as inspiration and to show that this theme is here to stay!

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