Blogger’s Choice


A short PSA about a current issue happening right now.

Here is the photo link that I used to base my decision to remove my reblog over.

It was my choice. No one else’s.
My blog. My choice.

I am not in anyway defending anyone other than, the owner of the dmca!

To that blogger, her friends and blog followers: Please stop harassing me. That is all.

PS: At the time of this posting, yet another comment has been made by the blogger. I have asked her many times to stop and so far.. she has chosen to ignore me.

I am tired of this.

UPDATE – JAN 15TH 2016

I logged on to check my messages, only to find that I had waiting for me, two harassing messages from the blogger’s boyfriend and either herself as an alt or, a friend of hers.

I would like to clarify something here.

Diamonds in the Sky is MY blog. No one else’s.

If I choose to remove a reblogged post, that is my choice.

I do not owe anyone any explanations.

I commented on the other bloggers blog because, until that evening, I actually liked the person.. even when I posted the reason why I removed it. However, her reaction after the fact, seriously damaged any respect I had for her, in any sense.

Then, having her boyfriend, and friends harass me afterwards, destroyed any chance of me ever having any respect for her..

However, I will not stoop to her level. I will not name and fame her.

She does not deserve that. Meaning, she does not deserve the traffic from my blog to hers.

I was given conflicting information by a friend. Someone I trust. A HELL of a lot more than that blogger person.. so, I decided to remove my reblog.

In the end, it’s MY blog.. MY CHOICE.

Get that through your head, and leave me the hell alone.

PS.. Saying I had received conflicting info, is not in fact calling her a liar.. it’s called CONFLICTING INFORMATION.

And, I never said the DMCA designer contacted me personally. And, it was not the person that is currently trolling me. So, please stop with the messages.

Geez, move on already.


6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Choice

    • Oh Ummm, I know it is Glam Affair and it is available at Collabor88… Not sure of the name, I think it is on the next post, lol. Sorry, I am just dealing with more troll comments as well. xoxo

    • Thank you. I do not know what her issue is. I explained why I removed the reblog. That was all. And you know me, I was in no way defending the person in the blog. I was respecting the wishes of the person with the DMCA.

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