Fashion Photographer vs. Fashion Review Blogger

You Matter

So, here we are.. and I am about to take on a social media outburst.
An SL media, so to speak.

Although, I am concerned about posting this.. I am following through because, I feel that both sides of a current media issue, happening right now, should be addressed.

What is the difference between a Fashion Photographer who blogs vs., a Fashion Review Blogger.

In my eyes, the differences are clear..
One is a fashion photographer, who takes great very edited photos, and shares what they are wearing..
And the other is someone who takes very low edited, albeit nice photos, and reviews or, shows you exactly what you are going to receive.

I am the last.. I am a fashion reviewer.

Sure I would love to be able to take amazing photos, and possibly do as little edit as possible.. I am personally still learning.
Yes, even after 5 yrs, I am still learning new and interesting things in regards to sl photography..

Personally, I do not like to do a ton of editing.
As seen here in this reference photo…

Photo Preferences - Blogging later

you can see it in it’s original size here.

I have actually written a lot more on this issue in the following video.

I really hope that you take the time to have a look, share your opinions but, please.. do us all a favor and be respectful to one another.
I will be monitoring all my media to make sure of this.
I may not get to it right away but, I will watch to make sure that you are all respectful to one another.
It is OKAY to have a difference of opinion.. it is NOT okay to bully each other.

Please feel free, actually I encourage you, to leave a comment.. here, or youtube..
We all want your opinions..
Heck, if you have suggestions on where to learn more, please.. leave a link!

I also have a page set up for people looking for tutorials.

Just remember.. please, respect each other.

Morgana Hilra’s photostream

Morgana’s Youtube Channel

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



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23 thoughts on “Fashion Photographer vs. Fashion Review Blogger

  1. Honestly, I think the difference between a blogger and reviewer is not the photos, but what is said. A blogger just takes a picture…writes a little bit about the product or incorporates the pictures into the what’s being said. Whereas, if I look to a “reviewer” I want the truth. I want to know what the glitches are, whether you think the product is worth the lindens. Yes, both should involve quality photos, but overly edited photos do not give an honest view of the product. As you said, not everyone has the amazing graphics cards and to be fair, while I have a great graphics card, I rarely keep my settings on ultra or high, simply for the sake of lag reduction. So, a reviewer can show me more accurately what I’m going to see on MY screen vs what a blogger is going to show.
    I have a tendency to check out both types of blogs, but the one that serves me the best is the honest review…sadly, most designers don’t want to hear the truth about their designs and certainly aren’t going to sponsor a reviewer that just might call them out on the obvious mistakes. Its a shame, too, because they might just learn a thing or two.
    I think it comes down to personal preference for the one writing the blog/review…do what’s right for YOU and let the haters hate. Let them go seek out the blogs that show what they want to see. Remember, you can never please everyone. Good luck. ❤

    1. thanks for coming by and commenting.
      I sometimes, will do a random post, and share a photo I have edited, or modified in some way.. like with my may soul accessories post earlier today.. but, i like sharing my opinion mostly. I never sugar coat it.. most designers like that. lol some really don’t .

  2. Great post Morgana! I’m a Fashion Review Blogger and I decided to be one because of my love for writing so my blog is a great outlet for that. I started my blog back in 2013 because I found it hard to find a blog that would talk about the outfit or whatever was being blogged; I wanted more than just a photo and a link to where I can get whatever it was I was interested in purchasing.

    I envy the Fashion Photographer Bloggers because their photos are simply gorgeous and since I am not very well read in Photoshop, I only know the basics and have to do the best I can with windlight settings, my LUMIPro and my basic PS skills. Honestly, for what I do, it works fine since I feel as a Fashion Review Blogger, I really shouldn’t be over-editing my photos anyway. I believe it was Strawberry Singh who said it was unethical for a blogger to
    “fix” outfits in photoshop because it deceives your readers. Btw, I too love Strawberry and she has been my inspiration as well.

  3. Hia ^_^

    Ok first .. Tattoo! Awesomes! you liked it? ❤

    I do blog and i do tattoo's so see both sides i think, for meh, I like blogs with personality. blogs that say something no just a list of LM's , these are great if you just wanna find something ya know, but if you want to connect with the blogger, no so good!

    I likes the pretty edited pictures as much as i like simples ones they both for me do the job of promotion and thats wha you want from a blogger, inworld i have simples adverts for all mai tattoo that show you exactly wha they look like and i supply demo's so you can try before you buy, so editing is no much of an issue for meh personally.

    Views for meh more important than favs, though favs are great ( please fav all my flickr pictures haha ) but people who see you post much more important. i have also been turned down for blogs for less favs, is ok, maybe one day i think, i't will no stop me buying the products and using them anyways, coz i likes dem you know?

    soooo many designers and soooo many bloggers in SL no everyone will like/love/hate/dislike da same things eh?

    like what you like, do what you love and be happy! I do picture coz i love to dress up my Dollie and i like to think i do it well, if someone differs that opinion is ok, i like what i do and thats kool right? 🙂

    Many fantastic picture editors out there, many fantastic simple snapshot photographers out there, and many many inbetween. keep learning and do what you do to for the love of it, if someone dun likes it they has choices elsewhere, is ok, you still loves what you do right? dats what really counts in de end ❤

    i's glad you liked mai tattoo haha so cool ❤

    1. OH! for sure, i love your tattoo. i love the color! i wish there were more colored tattoos on the grid. i am still looking for a rockabilly one. lol.
      thank you for coming and commenting 🙂

  4. SL lighting is so variable–it really isn’t possible to say there is only one standard to the way things look in SL. I actually spend way more time with SL lighting than I do in Photoshop.

    1. Same here. And I try to remember to mention what lighting I am using.. It’s the same three all the time.. Places – Paris / Paris 2 / midian..
      I love natural. And it’s awesome when your able to do “raw shots” in sl.

  5. It’s great to be yourself and do your thing the way you love no matter what haters are going to think or say. I have been blogging for over 6 years and just like you I’m constantly learning. I do my best to take great pictures as I have decent graphic cards also because I hate a lot of editing on my review pictures. I think I just don’t have time to do so much editing. I like to show to my readers exactly wat they are going to buy. I feel you, girl!

    1. Thank you! I have a decent graphics card.. but, I do not know anything about computers.. if someone that makes those awesome photos, would like to take a look at my system and give me some pointers, I would be head over heels for it!
      Alas, no one has offered as of yet. hehe..
      Hugs! Thank you for commenting!

  6. I have never really thought about being either of these to be honest. I started using plugins and actions on my pictures and sharpening them up because I had all the items there to do it and it’s relaxing to me and I look at it as a form of art. I think I’m out of the loop and in my own world because I didn’t even know that it was an issue? Haha I think everyone has their own style and their own place and noone is better or worse than anyone else! Everyone, no matter if you edit photos or not, can always improve, there’s always room for that! The only thing that matters is if you want to change what you currently do and improve on it. If yes then you go from there, if no then that’s cool too!

    1. Oh for sure.. the only thing is, we as humans, so to speak because, in sl we can be anything.. (like this lil elf lady here, lol), need to respect each other.
      If someone really thinks that another should do something differently, then, take them aside, or send them a message and say, heyyy, I see that you are struggling, or maybe could use a little help with this or that…, at least that way, it’s not coming off as bullying.. and that seems to be what is happening in the world today.
      Everyone could improve.. that is the awesomeness of the world today, everything is always changing.. and with that, we need to up our skills.
      That’s another reason I love tutorial blogs, or youtube videos.
      And from what I have been hearing, I believe there are even classes that you can take in second life to learn lighting, photography, and a whole slew of other things.
      Heck, I think you can even learn a new language.. can you imagine how awesome it would be for a creator to add another language to their clothing.. and actually put the correct spelling and meaning, knowing full well what they are saying and not just copying it off google translate? hehe.
      I love reading so many blogs. Even some of the over processed ones, hehe.. “i looooove me a good picture!” hehe.. don’t mind me.. i am tired, and being silly.
      Thank you so much for stopping by with your comment xx

      1. I watched your video after making my comment (I was half asleep when I made the comment so hopefully it wasn’t too rambling!) I have personally had a blogging manager tell me that I wasn’t accepted because my pictures weren’t good enough back before I started using photoshop. That was part of the reason I decided to use photoshop, as a sort of up yours to that person haha. I knew how to use photoshop before starting my blog, I just didn’t want to use it at first because I thought that a lot of the over processed pictures weren’t a clear representation of what things look like in world.

        I know that there’s been a few times where I’ve gone to a blog, loved the picture and gone to buy the item only to find that it looks nothing like what was in the picture on the blog. I think it’s important for creators and bloggers alike to know that in the end you’re selling a product, to do that you need to give a good representation of the product and what it looks like in world, otherwise it’s false advertising and can have a negative effect on the products being marketed.

        I think there’s a place for the overly processed pictures, I know of one blogger friend who will do a picture up in photoshop and use it as the main picture then show the items clearer under the main picture. I think that’s a good way to do it if you want to be a bit more artistic. For me, I don’t do much editing of the products in the picture apart from to use the clone stamp to take out lines etc, I use filters that give the picture a different colour or a lens effect etc. I think I’ve found a good medium between processing pictures and not and it works for me.

      2. That’s what I do with my blog.. sometimes, I will do a more edit, or enhanced photo, and then with my vblog, I will show exactly what everything looks like. 🙂

  7. In my experience the designers will look at how many followers you have, and how many views your blog has, not how many faves. It’s the reach they look at. I have been turned down by a couple big names because I am a Fashion Artist Photographer/Blogger, not like you say a Reviewer Blogger. I think they were looking for what you are vs not what I am. Although I am the official artist blogger for one of the best runway designers in SL , so it could have been conflict of interest LMAO. I love this post you made and I will reblog it later when I get home and it will help us both out on views. ❤

    1. I am glad that you liked it. I really hope no one took offense to it. I really wanted to share both sides, and I think I have done that.
      I have taken a look at your photos, and they are very nice.
      I always tell people, don’t give up. If there is a place that you wish to blog for, and you have been turned down.. just brush it off and try again next time.
      I really think, that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.
      Thank you for your comment. xx

  8. First, I want to say thank you for using mah boots in your ad! That was so sweet to include me <3!
    I'm not going to speak specifically to all the things I've been reading and following on facebook that I know prompted your post, but I will say this…

    Second Life offers many a unique opportunity to share their particular talents with people from all over the world. And we can say that not everyone is as "good" as everyone else, but really what is "good"? Just because you think something is bad or good does not mean that someone else will think the same. We all have our own opinions. Fashion is really just about art and expression. (If you see me wearing all black, lots of metal stuck everywhere and my mohawk, I can guarantee you that what I'm expressing is that I'm either really pissed or am feeling on top of the world and must scream about it.)

    Bloggers do something that I as a consumer and producer, rely on to help me express myself and to explore my own talents to share with others. Yes some bloggers are focused primarily on making a statement or a piece of art and I love those blogs. I love seeing how they used lighting and colors and textures and everything to enhance the shot of course, but since I LOVE all things photoshop, I am completely intrigued by how they used different techniques to get the shot they were after. Some bloggers focus on informing us all about new items and displaying the items as clearly as possible so we as consumers know exactly what is coming out of the box when we purchase it. I love those too! Some bloggers focus on the story or they focus on helping folks that might not be able to pour their life savings in to one outfit. I love those too! There are so many different types of blogs to follow, because there are so many different reasons why folks are out there blogging.

    Either way, as a consumer I am flooded with all these new ideas and where I can go to get them to add to my already extensive inventory, because in a pixel world I want people to see the real me. Yes the me that sometimes wishes I could just wear a mohawk. Bloggers bring it all right to us, because lets face it… there are so many great designers, events, stores, gachas… etc that we might never have even noticed because they aren't on the front page.

    As a designer, and one that is a bit new on the block in the grand scheme of things, it is very hard to get noticed in a sea of thousands of other very talented designers. Whatever style of blog you are looking for to represent you, what you really want is someone that sees something in you and your products and wants to share it with others. If you are a designer, for the most part I imagine we all do this because we just really love doing it. Yes of course we all hope to make some money to support our insane obsession with SL fashion (ok maybe that is just me), but its more about your need to be creative and your desire to share that with others. Who doesn't want someone out there saying, "OMG you are awesome, let me share this with EVERYONE I know!"? At the end of the day, who doesn't like a little validation that what they are doing is worth something to someone.

    All of the ramble aside, there really is no good or bad type of blog or designer for that matter, there is just what you prefer. The only bad thing is making someone else feel bad, because they don't prefer what you prefer.

    1. That is awesome!

      Thank you for taking the time to write all of this out!
      I can tell that you really love to write! So do I, I just cannot sit at the pc very long anymore.

      Your very welcome btw.. I loved how you stood up for our friend, and I had to go check out your store, and so forth.

      As a blogger, creator and consumer.. there are so many different styles of blogs that I follow..
      LOL I even designed a page for bloggers to come and share their own blog with all my readers because, I want to be able to share the diversity in Second Life blogging.

      I personally still have lots to learn.. and I hope, one day, someone will take some time and show me how to do photos like, sayyyyy.. Strawberry Singh!
      Until then, I am proud of my style of blogging.. and I am proud of anyone that actually starts a blog, and sticks by it.
      No matter how people swing it, blogging is hard work as well as creating. xo

  9. Interesting topic that I do tend to agree with you ~ Fashion Photographers are a very elite group of photographers and for the most part am in awe of their talents especially from the editing standpoint ~ I do some editing but maybe I rather not spend hours and hours on one image but that is me speaking personally and speaking with several yes it is a long process in editing with tablets that I rather not ~ but love the topic as I do follow your blog regularly

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