So Hawt SL – Eve Mesh Body Review & Other

First Stop - Then Review

I promised one of my youtube / blog subscribers that I would have this posted before the end of the year..
Talk about cutting it close, right?

Well, this is the Eve Mesh Body by, Ginger Chevalier owner of ABSOLUT CREATION.
She also has a male mesh body that, from what I have heard, is pretty new as well.
(which, I am jelly because, you guys get hand gestures!)

I also wanted to share a look of the day, which I have, above..

Message to readers, youtube subscribers & designers.

I have had a hard time getting into the swing of things this holiday season.
I am sorry to the designer to whom I am on their blogging team, and normally, I will go up and beyond to get my blogging done.. Even working through illnesses, or trips to the hospital or, other medical issues but, that is when it is just myself that I have to worry about, when it comes to illness, if it is mine, I will try to work through it because, I still believe that when I make an agreement, I follow through, if at all possible..
However, this season.. not only was I dealing with my own illness.. I experienced something horrible with my dad.. and well, as I have already stated many times, it is taking me time to get back into things..
I am working on it.. and thank you again to the folks that have stuck by me through this, and have offered emotional support.
I am hoping the rest of this year and next year will be better..
Again, I am sorry if I have disappointed folks this December.. it was not my intention.. I think this is the worse my blogging has been.. well.. since I started my blog 5 yrs ago.. It’s not so bad but, I think this has been my worse week at least…
Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this video.. and I look forward to doing more posts in the new year.

Happy New Year!



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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  New Year Baby | Morgana Hilra | New Years Gift  Exclusive (will be Available Friday for ONE WEEK, free)

Hair | enVOGUE  HAIR | Madalyn – Diversity | Casandra Rain

Skin / Applier | DeeTaleZ Skin | A.T.W. Dawn Mixedtype | steffi.villota

Body | EVE | doll-box Slim –v8.4 | Ginger Chevalier

Eyes | [Buzzeri] | Duo Eyes – Earth {Med} | eleri.catlyn

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel


Top | _CandyDoll_ |  Angela Top White |  rebeca.dembo

Pants | [American Bazaar]  | Leila Jeans S Charcoal | missqwerty.pevensey | Frost | Dec 2015 | Ends Jan 3rd 2016

Jacket | {MYNX} | Puffy Tie Jacket | chantel.mynx | Frost | Dec 2015 | Ends Jan 3rd 2016

Lingerie | ~Blacklace~ | Diacentra: Red Set | mariska.simons

Shoes | _CandyDoll_ | Hope Boots White | rebeca.dembo


Necklace | .:* LOULOU&CO *:. | Necklace :: DEW :: | lolly.carlberg | Frost | Dec 2015 | Ends Jan 3rd 2016

Hat | TABOU. | Festive Bowler Hat | glamsoglamour | Men Only Monthly | Dec 2015

Bow | _CandyDoll_ | Bat Bowie – Multipurpose | rebeca.dembo | Uber | Dec 2015

Crown | [ bubble ] | Triple Goddess Tiara | moonbubble.gothly  | Frost | Dec 2015 | Ends Jan 3rd 2016

Mask | :Zombie.Suicide: | Tentacle Mask – Ghost town | isis.zamin | The Ghost Town by MadPea


Photo | IOS | Photo Box with 50 Poses (red) | Katia Millet

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