The Giving Tree @ The Arcade

Merry Christmas at The Arcade

Hey folks!
I hope your having a great weekend.
Originally, I wasn’t going to go to the arcade this round.. not because, I didn’t want too.. of course I did.. but, after having such issues getting in.. I finally just said screw it, and went to all the yard sales instead..
Well! Yesterday, I decided to give it a try once I saw that I had not known that What Next was there… so, I took a chance and got right into the arcade on the first try…
After playing the machine… a lot.. I wanted to take a photo of the tree… now, I miss clicked, and ended up clicking one of the boxes below the tree and low and behold…


So, in the end.. I am very happy that I went to the event, and if you were like me, and thought you would just go to the yard sales and buy the items you knew you wanted… may I suggest, stopping by The Arcade and picking up all the awesome gifts?

OKAY! I am off to take a nap and later I will be sorting my inventory..

I will have a new post for you all later today (as long as things go well in rl lol)…

For now! Please take this limo over to The Arcade and pick up your gifts!

Thank you to all the designers that were so generous!

Thank you for commenting!

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