WeDoSL Events – Pastel Goth – Virtual Tour

Pastel Goth_Fair_VBLOG!

Pastel Goth
~ WeDoSL Events ~
October 16 to October 30

Virtual Tour

The Pastel Goth is a recent trend that is growing in popularity.

Also known as “Nu Goth” or “Soft Grunge”, it mixes cute and dark elements at the same time, with a perfect balance of pastel and colorful tones working together with black.

Pastel Goth – Blog

Pastel Goth Teleport

2 thoughts on “WeDoSL Events – Pastel Goth – Virtual Tour

  1. Great post and as someone who has been in SL for over 6 years I so agree with the gifts it is always a nice gesture and even 1L is something that I do not mind paying if it represents their store in some way ~ thank you for sharing this event ~ love the virtual tour

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