Mandala – A Virtual Tour with Commentary

Mandala Special Edition Blog Post

I created this Virtual Tour of the amazing jewelry store, Mandala as A gift for Kikunosuke Eel.
Kikunosuke has always been such an amazing person to me over the years.
He has always encouraged me, and supported me.. without designers like this in Second Life, bloggers would feel very unappreciated.
I do not know what your personal experiences have been with, Kikunosuke but mine have all been amazing.

And before you think that I am just saying these things because, I am kissing their behinds, I will cut your thoughts right there.
I do not officially blog for Kikunosuke.
So, all my experiences with him have been on my own time.

I stand behind this amazing person.. because of the appreciation.
For the times we have chatted, and he made me feel better about my day.
For the times he made me laugh, when all I wanted to do was cry.

Kikunosuke is a perfect example of how to treat your customers.. but, also how to treat another person.

Thank you so much, Kikunosuke.

I have chosen Kikunosuke to be my first Designer Appreciation Post.

I have many people lined up.. Such as Audrey Guter, Aida Ewing, M4ri1yn Magic, Leannan Wolfgang, and many, many others.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Kikunosuke Eel

Owner of [TEMPURA ISLAND] & [ MANDALA Jewelry]
MANDALA on marketplace
Kikunosuke Eel Flickr
MANDALA in world

Thank you again, Kikunosuke

I hope more designers either are, or at least become, more like you!

Your fan, Morgana Hilra

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