For Shane.. Saving Sight

before the event ends

Yes, I am well aware that it is the 15th, not the 12th but, the sim is still open.. so there is still time to stop by and help support a friend in need.
Please read the below information, and then come to the sim and check out the MANY stores.
Here is my video.. and below all the information you need. xoxo And thank you..

Note: Chrissy just let me know that the event lasts 14 days, and ends with a big party! So, come on out, and get some amazing stuff. There are also donation kiosks all over the place!

– may need to give it time to process, I just wanted to get this posted, asap. xx

Saving Sight

Saving Sight – Fundraising Event


  • Message from, Princess Briand

Our dear friend Shane, Owner of DEADPOOL has some very concerning health issues going on at the moment. I am sure that not many of you know that for the last several years Shane has been battling cancer. Though Shane is one of the best content creators in SecondLife bringing us a very unique high quality productions to help meet and inspire our creative needs…

Shane has been battling cancer all while caring for his real life family as well as his second life family, friends and costumers. He is a brave caring soul with a will to push forward through good and bad times. FAR too often has he put aside his own personal health and life struggles to help others. His heart is huge and giving and it is time to show our love and support and give back! When we need him he is always there being the best he can be. It is time we step up and show him the best we can be. He needs our help!

Below is a link to his gofundme page as well as more information on what is going on with him!

We hope you join us in the donation process!!!

Visit the event!


gofundme page @

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