Important Announcement/Info, please read.


Alrighty, let’s give this a go, shall we?

For the past few days or so , I have been mentioning pc issues.

Between my pc running odd or, shutting it’s self off, no blue screen, just off. poof.. anyway, now it will turn on the tower but, nothing plugged into it.. such as, keyboard, monitor, modem (it will not connect to the net, if the tower will not connect to ‘it”).. so, after I had a massive break down in rl, which incidentally is still going on, Jeff is letting me use his laptop temp, til (hopefully) I can find a solution to my pc issues.

I am sure many of you are thinking that my break down is just because of Second Life, and my worries about not performing up to tasks that I agreed to and that is part of it, yes but, what a lot of people do not understand is that, I am unable to be as mobile as most people.

I am cut off from “society”, the internet is how I cope.

I do my shopping online, I communicate with friends and family clear across the country. My work is online, and without my pc , I can’t really express how cut off I feel.

The laptop is just fine for logging on, checking email and then logging out.

It’;s older, and doesn’t handle sl well, if at all (or anything else for that matter).  I have already gotten a burn from it getting to hot just running updates.

I am going to do my best to struggle with this thing, so I do not let the people I blog for down but, I ask that you have patience with me.

I have no idea when I will be able to either buy parts for my pc, and learn how to replace them, which atm it seems that the ideas from, Darrin, Christopher and, Murray are following..




sigh, as you can see, I highly doubt I will be able to replace any of these anytime soon.

And, without you having a front row seat in my real life, you have no idea how extremely upset this is all making me. And no, not  just because of SL…

I will not hide the fact that this is all making me depressed… please do not give up on me while I try to wrap my brain around a solution.

Also, you have to understand that there is extreme weather here in Ontario, and with all the stress from my rl health, and now the pc on top of it… the heat is just making it all worse.

please please please… just give me time to figure this all out.

I am doing my best… ok, I have to log off now.. just the amount of typing this, the time it took to take the photo in sl (which. i really hope i figure out a way to make that easier because, let me tell you, my head is killing me, and my arms are in pain from how far i have to reach to use this hooked directly to the net, there is no wifi here. keep that in mind), anyway… the laptop is really hot, and i need a break, so does it…

I am so stressed out… wish me luck… send as many well wishes as possible because, a miracle is what I need right now.

The blogger in me is screaming, if you would like to know what I am wearing in the photo above, which I hope looks ok since it is not the quality I am use to, nor can I really see it since the lighting is all messed up on this screen… lol, anyway, please check the link provided.


Gotta take it easy.

xx Morgana.


4 thoughts on “Important Announcement/Info, please read.

  1. You take care of YOU first. Check new computers , with W10 there will be a lot of great deals. No reason to duct tape the old. Blogging can wait . It can .

    • its’s not just the blogging tho. it’s staying in contact with family and friends. it’s being able to shop for things that i need for every day stuff, especially for my real life health.. it’s for my children in real life. my youngest daughter has serious learning disabilities and needs to use a program daily to help her mentally and emotionally. so, it’s not just blogging or second life. i do not know what w10 is… is it in canada?

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