I think you will forgive me

When THANK YOU is just not enough I know I said I was going to post these hairs in a certain way in my previous post but, as the title suggests, I think you will forgive me!!

As I mentioned, it is awesome when a creator offers hair as their gifts at the Hair Fair because, well… we get to see a sample of their style, talent and products.. for me, this tends to get me to shop more  if I like them because, I find I can trust that their products are well represented..

Alice Demonia is AMAZING!

These hairs in the following photo are from her 10th Anniversary Hair Fair 2015 Gift. So, 6 styles for 0L… and, they come with at least one tone pack.. I believe mostly the mix but, there was even a style that had a multitude of tone packs. I think you will forgive me

Do you see how amazing these styles are?

She truly out did herself.. and, she has soooo many beautiful hairs to purchase at the fair as well!
Alice Project is located on the, NOIRETTE Sim.

You can actually see gallery photos on Eloquence of all the hairs at the fair but, make sure to check out Alice Project!
In addition to these 6 amazing gift hairs there are, 5 beautiful styles to purchase as well!

Now before I post this, I wanted to thank, Leti Hax for paying special attention to a conversation I was having with some bloggers & designers in the “WeDoSL” group chat today..; I was mentioning how I needed to find a tattoo that was just sleeves.. nothing on the chest/back/neck.. hands were fine but, as long as they were sleeves.. and, of course I wanted there to be color..
Folks on plurk had actually suggested Letis Tattoos and, I had gone over because I did know that they had some that were colorful but, not exactly what I wanted however, Leti had been watching the chat, and while I had just logged off, contacted me about my mesh bodies then, sent me their newest tattoo.. it is not available to purchase yet, since it is literally hot off the presses so to speak but, it is what I have been looking for!!
As seen in the photos above, they are very rockabilly feel, and ever so awesome… want to see a very unedited photo? OKAY!

This is a screenie I took while I was playing in my hair fair folder!

Morgie's new tat

Isn’t it awesome?
I love it!
Thank you, LETI!

Okay so, let’s give you some info..

1 – Please check my previous post for clothing and body info : Listening to my lady jam! (ps, listen to the song too! it’s awesomesauce!)

2 – Although my tattoo, which is called Lidrium, is not yet available, please stop by Letis Tattoo Culture, and subscribe, so you get first hand notice when it is available, and maybe you will actually see so many other tattoos that you will love. Oh man, thank you again, sooo much, Leti!
They have amazing tattoos, at great prices, and they also have many appliers!

3 – Please make sure to check out, Eloquence! Bookmark it, and stay up to date on many awesome events all over sl!

4 – Thank you to, Alice Demonia for the awesome anniversary gift! You rock!

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