It appears, we have company, for breakfast!

Stranger Things

Mood music for the day!

Would you believe, I have actually found stranger things in our house?
Cats, dogs, these are the normal things however, I have actually accidentally rezzed out goats, cows, horses…
The list goes on and on so, finding an owl here, well that is just no huge shocker!

Making Breakfast

I decided to make some breakfast for, Tiseral since when he logs on for what will be MY evening it will actually be, morning for him. So, what better way to start the evening / day then with breads!?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it gives you the energy to get through your day, makes you less of a grumpy pants! hehe.. Sorry luv, but it’s the truth!

I even picked up extra buns because, let’s face it, hot, dripping butter on a, warmed up bun… mhmmm, now I am hungry.. OOPS! It’s just past 9am here.. guess I should follow my own advice and get something to eat!

I know you want me for my buns

See you all later.. maybe, if I can get some time today, I will do my Belleza – Venus update review!


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Lashes | Maitreya | – Mesh Eyelashes | Onyx LeShelle | V.I.P. Group Gift


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Prop/Pose | = fashiowl poses  =  | French Bakery | goizane | FamouStation | July 2015

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