When in doubt…. GOOGLE IT!

When in doubt

Cats vs. Bags………click it… you know you want too!!

These are just a few of the cutest kitties that you can get at, Kustom9 by May Soul of, Tentacio!

I believe there are 7 gachas in total.. no rares per se, but.. there is a lil house/bed you can win and , there is also one sipping milk… actually, if you would like to see, May’s flickr photo.. you can see them all grouped up!

Thank you, May for gifting these to your bloggers, these are soooo sweet! I love them!

And, folks! They are low low lowwww prim.. like, 1 or 2 prims each.. can’t beat that.. especially if you want pets that you do not have to worry about feeding them and such, lol… I just like the look of having pets… well, I am going to get back to waiting for Tiseral.. lol, I wish you luck in getting all the kitties!!


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This area includes all your item name which includes the URL to the event , designer info plus,
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