I have plenty for you to, eat…

Lunch at Morgies

It’s lunch time here at la casa del Morgie and, I attended the Multicultural Menu event to pick up some light items to quench those little cravings!
I have a nice chicken platter, some pies, cake and tea… and even something for those little darling kids out there….
And what a more perfect place to have a nice light meal then on the Spanish Patio by Exposeur?

Something I loved about this event?
See those plates of chocolate cake?
There are many refreshments set out all through out the event, where you can sit and chat about your day with friends and, partake in the offered treats!
The cake is one of the many that are offered..
Of course normally you would hold it to eat it but,
I thought the chocolate cake from, Special Moments by Electra Spearsong would be a great compliment to the ” Uncertain Smile Mate Tea Cups”….

Alright then, you enjoy your lunch or, little snack.. I am off to work on the next release for So Hawt SL – Shapes!



Always read the information below the styling area.
This area includes all your item name which includes the URL to the event , designer info plus,
all your product info.


Table | [ht:home] | outdoor buffet table – blue cloth | Corvus Szpiegel| Multicultural Menu | June 2015 |

Pies | [ht:home] | apple / blueberry / raspberry pie | Corvus Szpiegel| Multicultural Menu | June 2015 |

Strawberry Cake | Lark | Strawberry Pavlova Box | Sienia Trevellion | Multicultural Menu | June 2015 

Chocolate Cake |  Special Moments | Chocolate Cake | Electra Spearsong | Multicultural Menu | June 2015 | Free (Touch cake to receive cake and fork)

Tea | Uncertain Smile | Mate Tea Cups | isabelli.anatine | Multicultural Menu | June 2015 

Pastry | [ Unrepentant ] | Plate o’Poop Bread – Chocolate | Jalynne Ohmai | Multicultural Menu | June 2015 

Chicken | [Cosmic Dust] | The Chicken Kebab Platter | bodytothestars | Multicultural Menu | June 2015 

Flowers | *LODE* Decor | Snapdragon Vase [dark violet] / [white] /  [rose] | chirzaka.vlodovic

Build | Exposeur | Spanish Patio | RubyStarlight Writer | Fameshed | June 2015 (Ty to Tiseral & Leannan for helping me get this!!)

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