Goodbye Scarlet…..

Goodbye Scarlet

Getting ready for a new blog post and, I came across this while visiting an event that at first, I honestly wasn’t going to go too..
Not that I wasn’t interested, I just have to pick and choose what events to attend in order to afford (ty tis) to bring you tons of updated stuff but, because I loved how my blogging advice post photo turned out, I decided to do a foodie one and, what better place then a foodie event.. right?

Well, while I was picking out the foods I am going to use, I came across this memorial for, Scarlet Chandrayaan…
I personally, did not know her well… but, I do know that she was always very polite, very happy to be blogged and, the lady had so much creativity that, I know she inspired others… and, has many many friends…
So, below is the message that is included in the photo (click here message)…

I will see you all later, with my food post from, “THE MULTICULTURAL MENU EVENT”.

Thursday the 21st of May was a sad day for a lot of Second Life residents as they were advised of the passing of Amy (RL Name) also known as Scarlet Chandrayaan, Owner of the store Alouette.

Goodbye Scarlet

This little corner has been set up for those who wish to just sit and rest a while and remember Amy.
All items you see here are from her store.

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit this little corner.
There are some links below of the blog that was set up for a fundraising event that was done earlier this year for Amy, as well as a tumblr page that was set up for friends to leave kind words of support.

Leaf on the Wind Blog

Memorial Tumblr Page

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Scarlet…..

  1. I visited there as well as I was browsing the event. It made me tear up a bit. I didn’t know her that well either, but I do remember her as being one of the first to talk to me on Plurk (besides the people who I already knew). It’s wonderful that she has touched so many people, and brought the best in them.

    I just wish we had more of “this” instead of the drama, witch hunts and bullying that we see too much online. Why does it take someone passing away to be thoughtful, kind and generous?

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