THANK GOD! It’s Friday….


Scream and Shout Remix [Reid Stefan]

The best music to end the week with!
As I am sure many of us want to “scream and shout and let it all out”…

I have had the best week I have had in many years.
Yes, YEARS… lol…

So, not only did I get picked up by Elikatira, Purple Poses and, Go&See…
last night I had a great convo with Julie Hastings owner of, White Widow..
I do not know if you remember when I blogged her store but, it is one of my favorite tattoo layer stores.
Interesting makeups and, some really amazing tattoos…
I thought I was still in the bloggers list but, miscommunication I found out that I was not however,
it was only that… miscommunication and, instead of being my normal paranoid self.. I decided to out of the blue ask Julie if I was indeed in the group or if I was suppose to reapply… turns out, that we were both surprised.. first, I didn’t realize that “current” bloggers  had to reapply.. no biggy, alot of designers are doing that now and, I totally understand.. that is actually a great idea to get people motivated to blog more often and, be more vigilante.. and,
as it turns out, she was disappointed when I had not reapplied.. so, we were both thrown off.. but, in the end, I am back and happy to be a part of her team.
Julie is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in second life.. Seriously!
If you ever get the chance to meet her, make sure that you get to know her.
Even if I was not one of her bloggers she would still be one of the best..

Actually, since I am attempting to keep this blog PG.. uh, 14.. lol.. I actually have a couple photos of the tattoo that you see little sneak peeks at..
It’s by Julie, White Widow and is available at Shiny Shabby… you can see the full monty HERE and, HERE..

Since I am sharing the close ups above.. I suppose you would love to see what it is that I am taking close ups of!
So here is my Friday Look of the Day.
Bring it to you with poses from, Purple Poses!


And what would Friday be without something from, Fifty Linden Friday??
And, I had to share this pack with you from, Glam Affair..
Three skins, three totally different looks, only for 50L…


So here is my Friday post!
I hope you enjoyed it.. I may be back a tad later.. you never can tell with me!

Enjoy your weekend… and remember, tell those that you care about, that you do in fact care…
You never know how much time you have left together.. it is better to be assured then, too late.


Always read the information below the styling area.
This area includes all your item name which includes the URL to the event , designer info plus,
all your product info.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |Rage| Morgana Hilra | Top Seller 2015

Skin | Glam Affair | Luna – Simply Girl | Aida Ewing | Fifty Linden Friday | May 22 2015

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Ors hair | M4ri1yn Magic | The Men’s Dept | May 2015

Eyes | .The Sugar Garden. | Snowfall Eyes – Ice Blue | eilfie.sugarplum

Tattoo | [White~Widow] | Midnight in Paris | Julie Hastings | Shiny Shabby | May 2015

Lashes | Maitreya | – Mesh Eyelashes | Onyx LeShelle | V.I.P. Group Gift

Hands | Slink|Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual |Siddean Munro | ~Make sure you pick up your updates!!!


Outfit | Addams | Maby Jumper with Shirt // Ocean | AmaliaRainwood | n21 | May 2015


Bracelet | !APHORISM! | Bracelet Moonstone | Rucy Byron | Shiny Shabby – Gacha | May 2015

Necklace | !APHORISM! | Necklace Moonstone | Rucy Byron | Shiny Shabby – Gacha | May 2015


Poses | PURPLE POSES | PETRA | audrey.guter | The Showroom | May 2015

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