Depeche Mode – Stripped

So, I have had a few hours to just chill out..

Spent almost two days in bed.. due to stress that was blasted all over my rl fb..
Second Life and RL should not mix unless you invite those people into your rl…

However, here we are and, I am calmer…
Still hurt…

I feel like I have been literally stripped down to nothing and put on display….
So, I thought, why not embrace it?

There is no point in going into details of what happened… it no longer matters..
if I had been important to the people involved, events leading up to what happened would never have happened and,
all would be well… but, fine.. if they want me to be the bad guy.. the “fall guy” or girl in this case…
Fine.. I admit, I did one status that in hind sight, I should not have done but, the rest had nothing to do with the people that inserted themselves into the grander issue and now, here we are…

People can call me dramatic all they wish… however, in the end.. I know the truth of it all…so do the people closest to me.. people that witnessed me reaching out…
and the people that had no business speaking out, didn’t know the whole truth.

Alas… it helps them sleep better at night, thinking I am this horrible person..
And that is fine.. I will accept it..

I would rather be a horrible person for telling the truth and saying how I felt..
then someone that lies and let’s their friends make snide comments and, allows them to get involved in something that has nothing to do with them.

So, here I am… stripped.. naked…and a  b*tch…

And yet… an honest, caring person, with a heart that can in fact be damaged…

I am sorry for the one status.. the one where I commented ” even I can be passive aggressive”.. since that was the only one that had anything to do with the person from SL…. the rest were observations and questions for opinions overall as in for everyone to answer and give their opinion.. it wasn’t about me.

It was a general question to get peoples opinions on their experiences .. not attacks or, rude comments, as I was accused. And certainly not an invitation for people to come and attack me and give their uninformed opinions on my situation.

Stripped Bare

To my friends and, contacts on facebook…
Please do not slander the woman involved.. or, go after her “friends”…
It’s not worth it and you are all much better then that..

With that being said.. allow me to share this very simplistic “look” with you…

And, remember to smile and, tell the people that are important to you that you care about them at least once a month..
Or in the case of RL or SL family.. try once a week… even if you do not talk every day…
It is important to be there for one another..

Hugs to the one I have upset…. I hope nothing but the best for her..


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