Dedicated to the one I stalk…


There is this awesome designer named, Ravenghost7 Resdient..
He makes decor for your home or, garden several things…
I feel so bad because, I really wanted to blog the table set the last round of We Heart RP and, I put it in my folder marked “blog now”… then, well…
You didn’t see it in my posts because, that folder got moved then, subsequently deleted…
So, although I had the item still.. it was just not unpacked.. so, I forgot to do it..
And, I am very very sorry…
It happens, I am not perfect…

Anywho.. I happened to see it in my objects.. and, well… I thought I would blog it anyway..
I know the event has changed to a new round but, even if this set is not available.. though, I think it is at his store..
He has many other items that are just as awesome..
Like the chandelier.

So, these are the item names…

Ravenghost Medieval Beer Experience

Ravenghost Evermore Fairytale Luminary

So there are two awesome items for you to check out, asap!

And Ravenghost.. thank you for being there for me when I felt lost.. xx


I always love when my friends send me items to blog however, I get busy with events and, stores that I blog for officially that, I end up forgetting to blog the items that my friend has asked me to blog…
If this has happen… just, send me friendly reminder… normally I will get to the item however..

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