Fantasy Faire, Silent Auction

YoZakura Floating Island for Silent Auction



The traditional Silent Auction is going on in the Fairelands Junction and it lasts until Saturday, May 2nd, 5PM SLT, when the auction closes and the winners are declared.

In the auction you can find plenty of one-of-a-kind exclusive items or massive fatpacks from our generous merchants. Simply port in, browse the RFL auction boards and when you want to bid on an item, just click the board and follow the instructions in the local chat. All the benefits from the auction go to Relay For Life.

There are a lot of amazing deals for you, like an exclusive family skin pack by Fallen Gods Inc., and Plastik Skin Mega bundle that includes every Plastik skin ever made, that’s thousands of skins from the span of eight years! Or how about a one-of-a-kind exclusive water horse from meadowWorks?

Or the set of 35 dream scenes from Garden of Dreams? What about the floating island in YoZakura? Or the paper garden of Poppetsborough?

You can window shop some of the deals here, but the best way to see them all is to go to the Fairelands Junction and bid on all your favorites!

Fallen Gods Inc - Relay Skins Family Pack for Silent Auction 2015

Plastik Skins Megapack

Waterhorse for Silent Auction by meadowWorks

Poppetsborough Auction Garden Set

A set of 35 Dream Scenes by Kayle Matzerath of Garden of Dreams.

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