Free Time is important!

Free Time

Hey folks!
As you know, I have been a busy little bee trying to pump out posts for you during all these awesome fairs going on!
I am trying not to be slack, lol… and I think 34.. well this one will make 35 posts so far this month, I think is pretty good…
However, the Fantasy Faire is still running, so is the 100 Block event which I will be posting more of!
There are so many awesome “regular events” going on as well… I just had to take a break over the past.. what was it.. 12 hrs.. or so…
So, last night after my last blog post, I went and hung out with my friend, Herc and his MC, Crimson Angels….

Here is Herc and his gf, Wolfie

Herc and Wolfie

And, while there a bunch of us rode a bull, trying to win a new Motorcycle..
Here is Madi, giving it her all!

Giddyup Madi

Now the thing about that bull, there is no reasoning with it..
It is not like one of those “mechanical” animals in SL where you have to use the arrow keys to stay on..
Nope.. it’s a pure chance.. if it likes you.. it keeps you on…
And, I have to say.. that bull.. at the end of my evening.. seemed to like the boys.. a lil more then the gals…
hehe.. it was fun!

There was even some dancing…
As seen here Psycho, Madi, & Dixie ….

Psycho - Maddie - Dixxie Dancing

And it was not all pure innocence.. but, since I am trying to stay as PG (14) with my posts..
If you want to see it.. you will have to have a flickr account, log in and check THIS OUT..
Evil.. was being an evil little mutant… well, I guess you will have to log in to see!

Just so you all know.. this is just an example of things you can do in world.
People that you can meet.. new friends and contacts that you can make.

For someone like me, you know this is hard for me..
Put me in a room with 5 people and they leave thinking i am bat shit crazy (there’s that PG 14 we were just referring too!)..
And there was alot more then just 5 people there.. and you know me, with my camera.. well, as you can see… no holds barred.

However, people last night were nice to me.. and, Herc talked me into joining his MC..
Now, I do not know how long that will last…because, real life gets heavy sometimes and I do not feel right being a part of an organized group that needs a commitment of time when, I honestly do not know how much time I can give.
Real life… blogging.. general family things… these are all time consuming but,
in the end, I will try…

Either way.. joining groups like an MC is a great way to meet new people..
My only suggestion.. and this is from experience..
If you join a group either alone or with a friend or, even a significant other..
Remember who you are..
Don’t let people influence your thoughts or, your relationships with other people.

Let’s move on and, share my free time look!
And remember to check that link for the mutant.. trust me..
It’s funny…


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