Blogger Challenge.. I remember…

Crimson Fields

~ I remember…..~

When I was small, I use to visit an uncle from my (step) fathers side of the family.
His wife was this beautiful, friendly, outgoing lady..
One year, their mother died of cancer.
A long time battle.
That same year my Aunt was diagnosed with Leukemia.
She was weak but, still friendly and whenever I came to visit she would play with me in the garden.
I once asked her if we could plant poppies.
And when she asked me why, I told her it was so we could remember family members that had passed away..
Like Gramma B*..
So, we planted them at the end of summer…
That winter, she passed away.
I still do not know if it was the leukemia or if it was complication but,
she was gone…
Then, in the middle of spring we went to visit my uncle and in his garden were my Aunt and I’s poppies..
in full bloom and looking so amazing..
I may only remember it from a child’s eye but, they were laid out in a field of amazing crimson …
My uncle told me that he promised my Aunt that he would take care of them because they were important to her and I..
And he did.

Years later, at the Fantasy Faire in 2013 I enter a sim called, Crimson Fields and I was transported back to that day,
visiting my Uncle and seeing my Aunt in all those flowers.

The Fantasy Faire is an amazing event.
It brings us together to help one another and to help us remember..
Remember the people that have made changes in our lives.
Whether they are here or, gone.

People that mold our lives.
And make us better individuals.

This is a challenge of what we remember and why…

I remember the Crimson Fields because,
it helped me remember a strong woman that had a hand in molding who I am today.

And I will always remember her and, the connection to the Crimson Fields…
And I thank the creators of such an amazing sim…..

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