Fantasy Faire Officially Opens!

FF2015 Fairelands Junction
Fantasy Faire 2015 ~ Firelands Junction Teleport

I know the above photo can be confusing.
Those inserts are your portals to each sim that hosts all your awesome creators!
All the themes and beautiful store layouts and, builds..
I had to enhance the lighting drastically for my personal viewer…
It was pretty dark down there.. it is underwater.. and, it does look awesome..
you just need to find a light setting that works for you.
Unfortunately, I was unable to visit all the sims today.
I managed to get to most of them so, I will share photos from the one I did manage to go too.
It was nothing personal, haha.. I just got tired in RL and, I was unable to visit the blogger evening because of RL health issues..
but, I managed to get to I believe 8 of the sims… so, you will at the very least get a look at the massive patience,
creativity and, time went into creating an amazing event for you!

First off however.. if you would like info on the Fantasy Faire please check my first post.
Fantasy Faire 2015 posted on the 12th of April!
It has all your important info like, links to the main blog.. and, well you can imagine.

In this post I am just going to share the photos.. they are all labeled.
If you have any questions or, comments please feel free to leave them below…
And, you Firelands teleport is above. xoxo

I am starting things off in order of my personal favorites..

Remember, if you would like to see larger photos just click the photo and go to my flickr then check “all sizes”..


Spires of Andolys

Tangleshimmer Grove






And the last but, not least.. I forgot to do the layout on this one.. but, here you go!

Poseidons Abyss

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos.. as far as I can tell I only missed one or two sims..
I could be wrong but, all the portal photos are above.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Also, please remember that as the announcers said..
A low rendered avie is a welcome avie…

Let’s try to keep scripts and rendering costs to a minimum..

There is actually a beautiful low lag avatar available free for you by,
The Plastik at each teleport zone.


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