Good morning folks.

As the title suggests, I have been struggling with a dilemma.

Please understand this is my personal opinion and, written with zero malice or, disrespect in anyway.

I have many friends and contacts that are bloggers and,
creators that are all apart of the Gangsta Fair.
Or at least they were.

From what I have been reading all over the web,
some have pulled out of the fair due to their dissatisfaction with the design and or, other issues.

I can understand why designers are doing this but,
I am not sure why the bloggers are as well… I suppose it’s loyalty to the designers that left..
Don’t get me wrong.. please.. I have total support for why the designers left.
I saw the photos and, I read their concerns…and I considered for a split second to leave as well…

(example photo)

(if you want to see what others are saying about the event, I strongly suggest googling it. This is my thoughts.)

However, after a moments thought..

As a blogger of the event, I applied to be a part of it..
I agreed to blog a certain amount of items.
There are more then just the designers that pulled out of the event that are still in it or, there are more that joined the event..

As a blogger, I feel that no matter what my personal opinions are about the event and or other concerns are,
I made a commitment to they designers that sent out their products in the group.
It would be unfair to them, for me to back out.

A suggestion I would give and, I am going to try and follow when I post Gangsta Fair items from here on in..
to the bloggers that either are still a part of the event or,
have left for whatever their personal reasons are..

Link the event in the posts but, since not all of us know who exactly left the event,
also link the designer’s mainstore as well.

This way, we can honor our commitment to the designers as well as the event.
You know.. the one we all applied to be a part of.

To you the consumer.
There are still many amazing designers that are a part of the event.
Please take time to go visit the stores.

Also, visit the designers that pulled out of the event.
There is no reason to boycot.

All the designers that have been involved in this event, whether or not they are still in it,
are awesome creators!

I am praying not to get hate mail from posting this but,
I can not help but feel a sense of … idk, honor I guess , when I make a commitment…
I try my damnedest to follow through…

Anyway.. time to share the items that are included in my photo..
And, thank you for reading..
Feel free to leave a comment below.

And please know, I meant no disrespect to anyone.

Added Note : I am unsure of when the event opens. As far as I knew, I thought it already had but, apparently it has not.. so, I will link their webpage since, I do not have any other information.

– I was just told on FB that it will open on the 25th.


Please remember, read all the info below..
Always read the information below the styling area.
This area includes all your item name which includes the URL to the event ,and designer info plus,
all your product info.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Anastasia| Morgana Hilra | New Release

Skin | -Glam Affair | Sia Skin – Nostalgia Blue – America| Aida Ewing | Fifty Linden Friday | April 24 2015

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Diana hair | M4ri1yn Magic | Shiny Shabby | April 2015

Eyes | {D.A} | Nebula Dreamy | Soleil Reid

Tattoo | Letis Tattoo :: | Adrasteia :: FULL15001 | Leti Hax | 100 Block | April 2015

Hands | Slink|Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed |Siddean Munro | ~Make sure you pick up your updates!!!

Feet | Slink | Avatar Enhancement | Feet – Med | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel

Lashes | Maitreya | – Mesh Eyelashes | Onyx LeShelle | V.I.P. Group Gift


Outfit | :: D-Style | MobScene Suit w.HUD :: | christel.morane | Gangsta Fair | Mainstore | April 2015 (?)

Shoes | REIGN. | GEMMA BOOTIES- BLACK | kenadeecole | N°21 | April 2015


Bracelet | (Yummy) | To The Moon & Back Bracelet – Silver| Polyester Partridge |  | N°21 | April 2015

Ring | *Figment* | Sakura Ring Set-Silver Pink – dreamfantasia.nightfire | Fantasy Faire | April 2015

Guns | B BOS  | Gun Holsters-Black Silver- L Female | bamshyl.bookmite| Gangsta Fair | Mainstore | April 2015 (?)

Glasses | Glamistry | Sunglasses [PU2002] | Glamistry | Kustom9 | April 2015


Pose | {pose maniacs} | Kena | Jaay Tiratzo

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