Kudos to Firestorm Support!

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Has this ever happened to you?

You go to attach something and, accidentally attach the whole folder…
then, you go through an hour or more of un attaching said folder from your avatar and no amount of relogging helps?

And then, when you have finally stopped the constant adding of items to your avatar…
only to find yet another new “issue” of say.. trying to change your eyes and getting the error message like this..

“You can’t attach multiple objects to one spot”

Which of course makes no sense since.. HELLO!! It’s a texture!

So, after relogging, clearing my cache.. doing anything ppl suggested I do…

I gave up and joined the only group I could think of…

Firestorm Support English

Right away, people started trying to help me fix the issue.

And, me being me, didn’t understand the difference between “current outfit” and, “worn”…
but, they didn’t make me feel bad.. they waited until the light bulb over my head lit up and,
a very nice lady named, Ana (anastasia.horngold) figured it out straight away and, we got it fixed!

The issue was.. because of my follies from earlier,
my current outfit had some broken links included..
So, although I was not actually wearing them.. I guess they were trying to attach..
Which, they could not.. so, every time I added something to my current outfit…
the links tried to attach..
Ana told me to delete the links and, now there is no issues.

Sigh.. thank heavens!

I was about to log out for the rest of the day because it was getting so annoying..
I was even considering a re install which of course would not have fixed the issue because,
said links would have still been waiting for me.

I am so happy for all the advice friends were giving me and,
I am ecstatic for the help from the, Firestorm Support team.

I was looking forward to doing some of the Wayward and Tag hunts today!

So, thank you again to the whole support team at Firestorm!


Have a fun day everyone…

And remember.. when in doubt.. ask the source, lol!!


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