As you fade into the night…

Stupid Cupid

Black Veil Brides – In The End

In the end
As my soul’s laid to rest
What is left of my body
Or am I just a shell?
And I have fought
And with flesh and blood I commanded an army
Through it all
I have given my heart for a moment of glory


The Secret Affair has opened their doors…
From what I understand, the events theme is,
“The End Times”.

~this is my assumption based on other photos I have seen…. lol.

I do not personally know what it is like as, I have yet to make it but,
it must be pretty popular.. however, it is ALWAYS popular…
I honestly think it could be themed something ridiculous.. like…


And people would flock to see…
Actually.. that is a pretty good theme suggestion there…..
I wonder if they would be offended if I mentioned it…
Maybe… maybe not.. let’s find out!
haha.. chances are, someone from the event crew will see this..
And, likely.. I will hear about it .. LOL!
~dies in a fit of giggles~

Actually, in all honesty..
The Secret Affair is right up there on the list of my favorite events,

We all go a little mad sometimes
(yes, this photo has been mod)

I am actually wearing hair, top and pants from,
Tableau Vivant…
I love the whole look!!!!!

I wanted to go with what I imagine that this event will be like..
So, I went dark, post apocalyptic style… in my case,
meets emo goth!

Since I wanted to share one of my favorite skins from the Skin Fair..
Lara Hurley’s Elea…..
I went with a sorta ying and yang look…
I had titled the photo..

How I see ME vs How YOU see ME….

And, honestly.. it is how I feel 80% of my life…

How I see ME vs How YOU see ME

I am wearing make up/ tattoos from, Clemmm..
When I thought of the look I wanted to go with… it was the FIRST store to pop into my mind.
And, while I was there I found these eyes from, Aesthetica….

I think it all fits well…..

2 side notes before I get to all the info…

1 – The song that I chose to use for my post, I have never actually heard before.
I stumbled on it while looking for a good quality copy of “In the End” by Linkin Park…
I saw this song in the list, was curious and, well here we are…
I took a listen and, ended up subscribing.

2 – If there is a darlin out there that has been trying to text me…
My cell charger HATES ME!
I will text soon… LOL..


I am off to get naked and invisible..
donning my “LETMEIN” Hud and, going to fight my way to The Secret Affair~

Have a Great Night!


Please remember, read all the info below..
Always read the information below the styling area.
This area includes all your event and designer info plus,
all your product info.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Anastasia| Morgana Hilra | New Release

Skin | Lara Hurley | Elea sweet pale |  Lara Hurley |@The Skin Fair 2015 | March 13th Opening

Skin Fair Sim 1   Sim 2

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Faux Dreads – The End | M4ri1yn Magic | @The Secret Affair | March 2015

Tattoo | Clemmm | Enfermedad Black Set | Clem Velinov |

Eye Tattoo | Clemmm – Hollow Mind Pack | Clem Velinov |

Eyes |IKON | Sovereign Eyes – Ice | Ikon Innovia | New Release

Mesh Eye Deco | Aesthetica- Dreamy Eyes | Ganymede Galaxy |

Lashes | Maitreya  | Mesh Eyelashes |Onyx LeShelle | V.I.P. Group Gift

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel| 

Hands | Slink|Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual |Siddean Munro |

Feet | Slink|Avatar Enhancement -Feet – High |Siddean Munro |


Top |~Tableau Vivant~|Fringe leather collar  | M4ri1yn Magic | @The Secret Affair | March 2015

Pants | ~Tableau Vivant~| Leather skinnies – Ladies |M4ri1yn Magic | @The Secret Affair | March 2015

Shoes | fri. | Veronica.Platforms | Darling Monday | released for the Semi-Annual Sale


ArmBand | [Haste]  |Trio Arm Cuff |harvest.dezno | Past Gift


Pose | !Pandemonium | Unrequited Love – Valentines | P4NDOR4 Quintessa & Billyjo Jupiter (suPOSEdly ) |

~ I was a bad , bad girl… I took this photo at the store… feel free to spank long as Tis can take photos….

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