Thought I’d love to share…

Thoughts I wish to share

I love the “invention” of the subscriber lists for bloggers.
as a blogger my group lists are almost always full..
i only have maybe two or three groups that are not blogger based and,
only one group available for either work or, the occasional time i join a group to grab the group gift to blog…
or when I am hired to DJ or, maybe as a video-grapher.

the subscriber list offers items to blog without having to take up another group space…


one thing i hate about subscribe blog lists.

now before you think, “omg, another gripe post..”, don’t…
this is for every designer and, blogger out there.. and, trust me when I say there are many.
and we all can relate to this.

speaking from experience.

second life is NOT perfect.
it breaks down, lags out, “forgets” to send notices.

as bloggers, our messages get capped out quickly.
And try as we might, we are unable to pay attention to every single released item that each designer releases.
I am sure some of you think this is harsh but, it’s the truth.
ask any blogger.

so we tend to miss releases..

also, with myself anyway, i see a designer sending me an item to blog as a privilege not, as something that i am entitled too.
so, if i do not receive something they have released i do one of two things.
1. if i like the item, i will go out a buy it.
2. i will wait for the next item they release and be honored if they send it to me or, i buy it if it is something that i like…

– I do not feel right, IMing them and asking for the item.

it is very frustrating to get IMs from designers, upset that i have not blogged an item that they have sent out through a subscriber.
Especially if there are many events happening that week.
i sometimes get capped out 20 mins after i log out, lol… not all the time but, often..

Tableau Vivant uses a subscriber but, their setup is amazing.
they have a piece of land and and, access list.
if you are on this list, you can go to their blogger area and check past notices to see if you have missed anything.

not everyone has this… it would make life so much easier..

now the reason i am mentioning this, yet again…

The explanation/example is based on my personal experience.

Not that i am blaming my illness but, alas… Asperger’s Syndrome  does play a factor in how i perceive things in life.
I am working very hard, every day at not getting upset with people that i do not understand…
I think i have second life to thank for the ability and knowledge to be able to stop and think before i attempt to communicate with people but,
i am not perfect… sometimes.. “stop and think”, does not register…
So when a designer, whose subscriber i am registered on, gets upset at me and removes me for not blogging their items , yes… i am disappointed and the little “logical” person inside my head,
wants to understand the “why” and, to make the designer understand that it was not on purpose,
that i missed the notice and, not knowing that the item had been sent out to the list, complicates things a whole lot more.
Normally, an argument ensues.. and i feel horrible that this conversation that was originally meant to explain that i wish to stay on their lists and,
the reason that i had not blogged something was the fault of Second Life and, not purposely done by me.. then, only ends up not only getting me taken off the list… but, with the designer practically hating me…
and well myself.. hurt because, not only does the person “not” understand me.. but, now thinks i am a raving lunatic………… and, it hurts..

I am a good person… not perfect… but, I have my limits..

Being blamed for something that is literally out of my control.. something that i can not even bend over backwards to fix…. i don’t know how else to say it but, it hurts.

I love blogging…

Sometimes, i set way too high goals for myself..

like with the skin fair.. there are so many amazing designers out there and, i was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers out of what i am sure was, many blogger applications to blog their skins…..
i had it in my head that i could have them all posted before the event started… haha..
uhhh, no.. but, i will have them all posted before the end of the event and, likely posted many times through out the event.

I wish i had the ability to mend bridges that have been burned in the past with designers that had the unfortunate pleasure of being exposed to my more… out of control aspies side…
or, my overly logical side that “needs” to understand everything.. and in the end ends up being a major cluster… blank…
unfortunately, there is nothing i can do….

I know that there are many bloggers (and designers) out there that agree with this issue and,
have had the same run ins with designers vs the subscriber list.. and many of these lovely individuals are 100% in control of their mental capacity…
So i am not the only blogger in sl with subscriber issues..
This also includes when designers send us things offline and, for what ever reason, it doesn’t come through…

I have said this so many times in the past but, i shall say it again……

i wish more designers would take on, Tableau Vivant’s idea and either..

1. create a foyer for bloggers to be able to go and click the subscriber and check recent releases..
2. pick up one of the subscribers that exile has that, checks to see if you are online, before sending you the item…

however, #2 is flawed at times as well because, it only lasts 24 hrs and, not everyone logs on every day to second life. however, it is better then auto sending items then getting upset that the bloggers have not posted your items.

It is an honor when designers choose us to blog their items and, even more amazing when we are added to subscribers or, groups…. but, designers and bloggers need to work together to ensure a positive experience for both parties.
getting angry at each other, it doesn’t help either party.. it only serves to build bridges made of heavy stone that only dynamite can break down… and even then, it may be too late……

I lost someone that i truly thought was at least friendly to me, over not blogging their items, i did not even know had been released to the blogger group/subscriber.
when trying to explain what had happened.. during a particularly hard week of adjusting meds, stress in real life as well as, second life…..
I think it was safe to say I was tense… and though it is no excuse.. it does affect how things are perceived…
although i do understand that the other person involved did not know about my issues that week… it did have an effect on how the conversation went and in the end,
I lost someone i considered a friend……….

I was not banned from their store.. so, i can still purchase their items and, i have been…
I can still blog the items i purchase and, i will but…. that is not really what i am mainly upset about… losing the blogging privileges…
I am more upset that the misunderstanding, miscommunication and, all over stress on both our sides… ended up, just… a huge mess…

I am only sharing this one experience because, many others have had issues like this.

If a designer is going to use the subscribers and don’t get me wrong, it is an awesome idea…
I just think that they should also admit that people vs machines and, virtual environments are flawed.
nothing is ever perfect and, there are errors to which we all can not be held responsible for.. and, it is always good to have a back up plan.
Like Tableau Vivant.

Being prepared for the possible is better then, losing friends and, respect for each other..

anyway.. this all started out as a Facebook note that ended up being long winded and, maybe a tad bit more detailed then a simple status update entailed.
so, i decided to make a blog post about it.

I am very sorry for any grammar issues.. I was on a roll and, although I did proof read and rewrite some parts..
I always miss things.

If you are interested in the above styling info…
please stayed tune.. I will be blogging all of it plus, skin fair info later today.

trust me.. you don’t want to miss it.

thank you for reading.

feel free to comment below ❤

6 thoughts on “Thought I’d love to share…

  1. Hi, thank you for your awesome post. I use a subscriber group for my bloggers for some time now and use a HUD for it, the HUD will let you get past releases in case someone missed an item. Works great to 🙂

    1. oh! hi there mina! i will actually be doing a full post in a wee while.. this was just something that I have had in my head that was driving me nuts and, I am unable to fix..
      I have not heard of the hud idea.. I will have to look into it.. it sounds interesting though.
      What does it do exactly? do you send out a new hud each release or, is there one to cover all?

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