Talk about the wrong person to *BLANK* with!

Playing Dress Up

My dedication song to the people who created the movie..
The Equalizer!

Have you seen this movie?
It stars Denzel Washington and, honestly has been one of my most fav movies with him in it since,
Man On Fire with, Dakota Flanning.

Such an awesome movie!!
I watched it first thing this morning and, I woke up the household laughing at it..
I know I shouldn’t but, it was just so cool.

I like stories like this.. things that could happen.. but, we always pray won’t.
It’s funny, I have always loved books and movies like this.. even as a kid.. people use to say I was messed up for it.. but,
honestly, it’s not that..
I just well… with movies, I love special effects and, drama..
And, with books… I just love all kinds of reading..

Ask Tiseral.. I got him hooked on, Infernal Devices!
Anyway, that’s enough of that, lol… below is all your info, and urls for the outfit above!
Hope you enjoy it and when you get a chance, check out the movie!



Skin | Essences |Alice Yuki *medium01* |  inka.mexicola | (past lazy sunday)

Hands | Slink |AvEnhance Hands Female – Relaxed | Siddean Munro

Feet | Slink | High Feet | Siddean Munro

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel | New Years Sale |

Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | *Personal Shape* | Morgana Hilra | Marketplace Store |

Hair | little bones. | Feline – FULL | Nova Faerye | Group Gift | 100L to join group |

Eyes | S0NG} | Yuki~ Dark Blue Eye |  funeral.plutonian |


Top | DRIFT | Cozy Turtleneck Sweater Knit Set 2 | kallisto.destiny | The Dressing Room Fusion | 

Pants | Baiastice | Emy II high-waist trousers-black | Sissy Pessoa | The Dressing Room Fusion | 

Shoes | [whatever] | Yttrium – earth | annagrey | The Dressing Room Fusion |


Necklace | ^^Swallow^^ | Necklace HeartWings | luciayes.magic | The Dressing Room Fusion |


Poses | Bounce This Poses – Jordan/Girl Pack 6 | Bouncer Criss | The Dressing Room Fusion |



    • i LOVED IT!!!!!! the movie lol.. soooo, wanna be my mom figure (rl?) LOL.. your the same age as her.. it could work!!
      i have my sl mom and love love love her..but, a gal needs a mom figure in rl too lol…
      if you see my fb, jim is my rl dad figure.. i stole him from sl as well.

      • it sounds crazy…but me and you have a lot in common. I would love to be your friend, mother, both rl and sl, as one can never have enough friends, or family. i worry when you are not feeling good, as i have had this Bronchitis for two months, and I know how it is to constantly cough. Now i have no voice…i can hardly talk because…i coughed so much. I didn’t want to sound like a creepy stalker, but I do like you and enjoy your blogs and flickr pictures. I thank you for your kindness, in favoring some of my pictures.

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