Attack of the Killer Plushies!

Overdosed - Blogging Soon

I don’t know why but, doing this photo…
I kept singing this song…

Henry Hall & His Orchestra – The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

I guess in this case.. it would be the PLUSHIES have their picnic!

All the plushies above are part of the Oh my Gacha event happening now!

So many plushies… let’s see if I can remember all of them…
Easiest would be the Eeyores!
“Oh Bother Donkey” are from, BAD APPLE DESIGNS and are 75L per play!
eleven commons, four rares.

Then come the little funky Octopuses!
They are from, MOON AMORE AND DEAR DEER and are only, 86L per play.
ten commons , four rares!

Last but certainly not least…
You must remember these from your childhood…
I use to use a broom or a mop for a trotter..
These are much nicer!
And, they are only 50L per play!
eight commons, two rares!

Overdosed - Blogging Soon

Speaking of Oh My Gacha!
These cute little sweater dresses are from, [:: JesyDream ::]!
I am not 100% sure how much these are per play but there are 8 colors to win!

Aida Ewing from, Glam Affair has been a busy bee!!

I will be posting all of her items plus, all of Tableau Vivant hairs in the coming posts…
To kick it off, I wanted to share with you a Maitreya Exclusive!

Overdosed - Blogging Soon

This is Sia!
She is available in 3 tones.. Asia, America and Jamaica!
6 different makeups, 7 different brow colors as well as a no brow option.
There is 5 brow shapers as well.

I am also wearing Tableau Vivant’s Celestia hair from, Collabor88!
I so love their blondes! lol…. and reds and… well.. you know what..
I just love them all!

I hope this post was informative!

I have included most of the information above..
So, below, I will just give you LIMOS to your events.

I will chat with you all later and,
if there is something I missed please, feel free to ask in the comment section.

PS…. Shoes are from, the Sexy SySy Chapman of, SYSY’s!
They are called, “SYSY’s Suede Wedges”.

Limo List!

Oh MY Gacha




That’s it!

Have a great day folks! xoxo

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