New Years Resolution.. Blog Edition.

~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~

A little bit more than I ever wanted
A little bit more than you could ever say
Did you really think that I’d forgotten
Kicked out the windshield, water coming in
Fade away, fade away

Push just a little too late
Is this what you want, what you need
Is this what you wanted me to be
Always loved me strapped to you
Lock it down and drive me through


Moist – Push

I tried to give more than you thought I’d take now
Taking more than you could ever say
Push come to shove, you kicked me in the head
You knock me down, I ripped the handle off again
I wanted more than this, wanted more than this
Fade away, fade away

~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~

New Years Resolution..
Blog Edition.

So, here we are..
It is 2015!
We made it!

It’s time to start a new year.

And, from a blogging stand point, I have a new resolution.

As many of you know, I tend to get overwhelmed sometimes and,
although I am not complaining.. I need to think of myself more this year.

Last year, I spent so much time ill and, I pushed myself to blog through it,
in hie sight… that is likely why I ended up getting sicker.

So, this year.. I make this resolution, or rather more of a promise to myself.
If I feel ill, I will send my notes out to the designers/groups I specifically blog for and,
I will take time for myself.

I always put my blog first, and though I love it…
and, everyone I have met through it… nothing is worth my health..

Of course, that all being said… I am still here..
getting better, finally, and I will keep blogging..
No worries, I am not going anywhere..

I will just make my family and, myself the first priority.

I hope you all understand that.

~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~

And now for you fashion addiction!!

I wanted to do an exploration post but,
I think this photo turned out awesome!

My Blogging Curse lol

I had this weird idea in my head last night..
I wanted to do a photo of a gothed out asian chick…
So, I went on the hunt for a cute asian skin..
I was going to use Pink Fuel.. I love their skins but,
I blog them often and I already owned this awesome skin from,
It is called Cho.
I believe it is part of the older line,
so I am not 100% sure if it is still in the store…
Hold on, I will go look now..
YUP! it’s here!!!!
It’s adorable!

Now, I used the natural “makeup” because,
I wanted to use items from, Pekka.

Now, if you are a long time reader,
you have likely seen me using kathya’s items in many of my posts.

Now the reason I wanted to use some of her items in this post is because,
she is actually having a sale at Pekka,

Pekka Sale

I took a screenie of her blog post off,
Worn Clothes
Which is you are not a follower yet,
you should totally click that box!
You can’t miss it, I believe it is at the top of the page!

There doesn’t seem to be a definite end date so,
just in case make sure you check it out, asap!

The Jacket I am wearing is a new release by my friend, Christel Morane owner of,
Delirium Style.
There are, 12 styles in one hud.

I did edit the photo a tad.
I wanted to wear a top under it and,
I was lazy, lol.. no really though, I wanted to wear a lil color and,
I chose this cute top from, Fishy Strawberry.
And, it is FREE!
Yup! you can pick up this one plus,
5 other colors as well!!!
(thank you, Fae!)

My pants are from, Cynful and are 70L at the,
Dressing Room Fusion event that just started..
I am not 100% sure but, I think that alot of the xmas stuff are still up.
Either way… these come in three different colors and,
there is a hud to control the belt and, buckle options and also,
for those out there that love the Belleza body, there is actually an option for that as well!

And, last but, never least!!

The boots I am wearing…
Kenadeecole , owner of Reign..
Sent these beautiful boots in a fatpack to her VIP group for xmas!
Isn’t that awesome?
She always sends really nice gifts to her group.
The group costs 250L and, is totally worth it.
Especially if you do not want to go to an event to try on a demo.
She sends them out in the group!
So, try them on and if you like them (which we all know you will *wink*)
you head on over to the event, already knowing what you want!

So, as you can see, this is one HUGE post….
At this point there are 823 words.. lol
I will post exactly how many at the bottom of the page.. make sure you check that out lol.

I am going to post this, then go show my RL dad my Garrison on wow..
Yes, I am referring to the SL dad, that went offline for a while, so….
how did I deal with this… (and remember folks this was a couple years ago….)
I adopted HIM as my Real Life dad.
Best guy for the job..


I love my RL family and my SL family.. no matter how they fell into those parts of my life.

I know I do not say it as often as I should .. but, I do…

And, Tiseral… OKAY!

here you go.. enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~


Shape| So Hawt SL Shapes | Tessa – Limited Time | Morgana Hilra | Xmas Gift | 1L for gifting | (ending soon!!)

Skin | Essences | CHO ~ light rose *natural* | inka.mexicola |

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Harukaze | M4ri1yn Magic | @Creation JP | Dec.2014

Eyes | {S0NG} | Yuki // Abyss Eye | funeral.plutonian | – My fav series from this store.. just saying.

Ears |   MANDALA |  STEKING_EARS_Season5  | kikunosuke Eel | @Mens Dept  Dec.2014|  – Check mainstore.

Moles | .Pekka.  | Face Moles III | kathya.szczepanski | Store Sale began Jan 1 2015!

Liner | .Pekka.  | Eyeliner combo # 3 |  kathya.szczepanski | Store Sale began Jan 1 2015!

Lipstick | [Pink Fuel | INK Lipstick/LipGloss | mochi.milena | Fav Black Lips on the Grid!

Nailpolish | A*S | Cutie Cuore French | luciana.button  | The Dressing Room Fusion | Jan.2015 |


Top | *Fishy Strawberry* | Starry Night Top – Garnet | Fae Eriksen |  Free instore Gift

Jacket | Delirium Style | Female Baggy Knit Sweater HUD | – Side note.. I just saw it in the store and there appears to be an extra hud you can purchase! SWEET!

Boots | REIGN. |MADELINE BOOTS | Kenadeecole | Christmas Gift, ingroup notices – 250L to join.


Necklace | .Pekka.  | Anchor necklace – Silver – Gacha |  kathya.szczepanski | Store Sale began Jan 1 2015!

Piercing | .Pekka. | Fidelity Piercing GOLD |  |  kathya.szczepanski | Store Sale began Jan 1 2015! – I modified the piercing, made it pink because it was only in gold… 

Poses | {.:exposeur:.} | Top Model | RubyStarlight Writer | – I do not know exactly which set I used as, I have all my Top Model poses in one stand but, they all rock!


actually between us.. I did…

We now have a total of, 1259 words!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for commenting!

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