Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
The beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.
Gone away is the bluebird,
Here to stay is the new bird
He sings a love song, as we go along,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

I love presents

Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy

Pentatonix (ft Tori Kelly)

Sorry I have not been blogging as much as I normally do.
It would appear that my whole family, in rl, has developed pneumonia.
I didn’t know that was possible..
I knew we had bad colds but, hey… I suppose it could be worse……

Anyway, I thought I would do a different post!
Surrounded by GIFTS!

Most of these gifts are free….
the only one i believe that is not free in this post would be….
OH my head, and skin of course…. and, the shape.. well, atm.
I am actually going to be posting this shape as a gift for XMAS in the next couple days..
And, also my So Hawt SL – Shapes birthday sale will be finished once the new year is here….
So, if you want them.. make sure you hussle!

Let’s start with my head!
Since it was a gift… TO ME!
Tiseral was nice enough to buy me a new mesh head from,
I have been wanting a new one for a while.. but, they are a tad on the pricy side..
Shoot me if you like but, it is the truth.
This head is called, Fierce.. I LOVE IT!
I got the basic since it was 2999L and I just didn’t see the point of paying 5k for the ability to close by eyes.
I am pretty good at photoshop so, this doesn’t effect me so much.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I had 5K a pop to throw around, I totally would have gotten it but,
I think this was an awesome gift… and, I also got some lindens to run around with..
Thank you, Tiseral!

I love presents3

You saw that little bag in my hands up top right?
Well, what was in that little bag was that cute lil balloon!
It is a free gift from, 8f8 and is available in the store at, Black Kite..
owned by Black Cloud whom has the CUTEST AVIE EVER!

~She owns the sim, lol not the store that is owned by, 8f8… another cute avie!

My hair is an awesome gift from, Truth Hawks!
All you have to do is go and join the subscriber!
It comes in, 5 single colors and is just perfect for the season!

This beautiful red dress and, adorable shoes are from,
Join the free group to get these freebies plus, many others!!!
Actually, I will have another post sometime this week to show you what ELSE this lovely person has for group members!
You don’t want to miss that!

Let’s see…
There is more… OH my tattoo!
White Widow has three freebies in her store on the floor by the desk.
All are 0L plus, there is a paid vip group and a TON of nice gifts on the wall.

Ikon has released their newest eyes called,
Deadshine Eyes!
Each set comes with,
10 different shines!
And it just so happens that Ikon has a new VIP group gift.
Just join the free group and touch the box!
Just check these out!

I love presents2

If you want to see them larger,
just click here for “the bigger picture” lol.
They come with mesh eyes as well as, textured eyes that way they cater to everyone!

Is that everything?


Pure Poison has set out a TON of group gifts!
Again, join the free group and have at it!
My necklace is on the table in the court yard also,
if you go into the gacha building there are some really awesome deals as well as…
wow… it just keeps coming!!
Most of the gachas have two machines.
One of which you can wear your tag and get a one time awesome random gift!

And, last but not least… I think anyway LOL
My bracelet is from, Earthstones and is part of some kind of hunt!
I originally went to the AviChoice sim because Catwa gave a LM at the landing point for a nice gift…
Which you have to go to the sim to receive…
I was lucky I think…
It is part of the Naughty or Nice event!
You go store to store and touch the NON bag hidden in the store and,
well… as the title suggests you can get a nice gift or,
a naughty one..
Tis and I got a lot of naughty ones.

Alright… I had this burst of energy and I got this done for you all..
so, now with the remainder of my energy I am going to go play a game then,
have a nap and maybe blog a bit later tonight.

I really hope that you are all having a good time this holiday season…
And remember… you do not need thousands of lindens to have a great time.

all info and URLs below.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes | Tessa | Morgana Hilra | Coming Soon |

Eyes | IKON | Deadshine Eyes – Quicksilver | Ikon Innovia | VIP Group Gift | Free to join |

Hands | Slink | Mesh Hand Elegant | Siddean Munro |

Ears | MANDALA | Pierced_ELF_EARS | kikunosuke Eel |

Hair | TRUTH HAIR  |Aspen [Blonde] | Truth Hawks | Group Gift | Subscriber | Free to join |

Tattoo | White~Widow | Special | Julie Hastings | Free Gift in store | 0L

Lashes | Maxi Gossamer | Eyelashes – Groomed – BLACK | Maxi Gossamer |

Mesh Head

Mesh Head | #TheMeshProject | (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Basic) | theshops | ~ Present from, Tiseral. TY!

Skin/Face/Appliers | DeeTaleZ ||”Face” Sue MIXEDTYPE | steffi.villota |


Dress | *COCO* | BustierDress(Red) | cocoro Lemon | VIP Group Gift | Free to join |

Boots | *COCO* | PlatformSneakers(UnionJack) | cocoro Lemon | VIP Group Gift | Free to join |


Bracelet | EarthStones | Precious Gems Bangles – Yule/Gold | Free gift | Naughty or Nice event | Avi Choice |

Necklace | Pure Poison | Folium Necklace | Shaleene Kenin | Group Gift | Free to join |

Balloon | 8f8 | Baby Black Kite | 8f8 | Free gift in store | 0L |


Pose | oOo Studio | Iced | Olaenka Chesnokov | 50L Friday | Modified with, Animare |


Dog|  Just Animals | Labrador – Mesh – Full Perm |  Hannah Kozlowski |

Sleigh | [PM]Pixel Mode | Naughty or Nice Sleigh – Red – PG | Tya Fallingbridge |

Landscape | [Poetica] | Winter Meadow | story.ordinary |

Snow | Studio Skye  | Snow |  Alex Bader |

Deers | ISPACHI | [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Reindeer | Andred Qinan | @The Arcade Gacha | Dec.2014

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