What’s going on?

lets go shopping

I thought I would do a quick review of events that,
either I AM covering currently or,
I WILL be covering shortly!

I do not want any of you to miss anything important incase I am to slow at blogging….
Like that would happen but, you never know!

So, in no particular order… here we go!

(ok, so that is an order… but… meh)


“Appliers are not associated with only busty girls anymore.
Any kind of women… small, big, tall, curvy, skinny… can now enjoy wearing body enhancements like boobs,
booties, mesh bodies, hands, etc. Appliers are for anyBODY!
Every month, designers will have to create one new release with many kind of appliers INCLUDING,
the Omega system OR The Mesh Project OR SLink Physique*.
By that, customers will have greater variety of clothing, no matter what mesh parts or body they use!”



Winter Trend 2014


“The Winter Trend SL 2014 wish to introduce the main trends this winter.
We want to show what is heating up this winter.
What is trend for this season …
What is must-to-have for this winter.

Event theme: What is heating up this winter?

Get ready to celebrate one year with us!

Winter Trend, our first fair, is completing one year, along with WeDo SL Events!

How much pride!”

Event Limo


Starting Soon

F R O S T 2014


12.13.14 – 1.3.15

This is a HUGE fashion event with SO MANY people involved!
Just read the logo!
I will be covering this event ALOT. lol.

Event Limo – Coming Soon


OMG-Oh My Gacha-2015 Winter
(i applied, i applied, i….got accepted… OMG!)

OMG-Oh My Gacha-2015 Winter

OMG! – Oh My Gacha!
Jan 10th-31st 2015 (3 weeks)

This event.. is right up there with The Arcade in my mind.
I am super excited to be a part of this upcoming round!
It will be my first time!
WOOT POP THAT CH…. uhh…. I am going to have a lot of fun……
(hides in the closet)

Event Limo – Coming Soon


Tales of Fantasy

Tales of Fantasy - Old Logo

“Tales of Fantasy is a bi-monthly event,
(every 2 months)
that will cycle through different concepts such as:
Gacha, semi-exclusive/exclusive, price reduction, hunts etc.”

Next Round Starts soon.
I am not sure of the exact date but, check back and I will update this area.

Event Limo – Coming Soon

So there you have a few events that I am covering.
There are a couple others that I am associated with.. like,
Collabor88 through, Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant.. which I will have a post up very soon.

And a few others but these are the main focus ones!

I will see you all in a few hours.. I am off to take a much needed rest.

Have fun shopping!!

And if I forgot anything events,
please do not take it personally…
I am just a blogging zombie atm and my vision is about to give.




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