Cyber Bullying against, SL content creators.

I support Belleza

Song dedication to the people that have been filing FALSE accusations!

Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin

“If your lips are moving, If your lips are moving
If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby”

Important Belleza Press Release

Instead of going into a full on rage on this topic…
I have decided to let the social media train do the work.

First here is your intro and, my opinion of the allegations against Belleza.

And here are some social media responses!

Please Click Each Link




General Searches

There is an extreme out cry for justice here.

I think I have covered my feelings in my video and, as I stated…
I do not want to rage on so, for now..

Here is the MUCH requested updated review of the,
Belleza Venus Mesh Body.

I hope you enjoy and, again..
Sorry for the distorted audio…
The issues have been diagnosed and fixed for future videos.

Previous Venus Review Link
In this post you will find all the info I said I would post.
Other awesome bloggers, and their opinions on the mesh and, plus, they are just great to follow.

To Tricky, Shyla and Felicity..

I hope that their is resolved quickly.
You all have many fans and supporters.
I was even reading some plurks where the writer was not a fan of your brand however,
still were in shock and do not believe it for a moment that you are guilty.
I do not believe it.
We all totally support you.

Good Luck!

~ Morgana Hilra

We Do SL – Winter Trend Official Blog

I will do another blog before the event opens with a few different “looks” but,
for now I think I will take a break.

Enjoy your sl and please remember…
Not every rumor is true.


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