A special wish list item!

Tis the season of revealing your wishlist items!
And this is one of mine!

On My Wishlist

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THIS was an “accidental find”…

I was looking for, Spellbound and well, me being me, I took the wrong teleport…
and I ended up at, [Poetica]!

The houses and, decor are amazing.
Great detail and, just beautifully created.

And that brings us to my wish…

I fell in love with the Park Village West !

It comes with the option to use either the full set up…
which is the house with a garden/park setting or,
just the house!

A basic break down is..

Complete (with everything including trees, plants, road and lampposts) TOTAL = 282 Li
House + Garden TOTAL = 247 Li
House Only TOTAL = 161 Li

Yes, I know this is a bit more then I am use too..
lil miss prim pincher here but, OMG… look at the video.

I really hope that it is OK that I took these photos of the demo at,
[Poetica] but, there was no “take home demo” so,
I am going to cross my fingers and pray that, Story won’t mind….

So that is my wishlist wish.. and, no I am not putting the price..
If you want to know that, you will have to take the Limo down below and have a look for yourself!

Plus, if you are in the market, there are other items here..
Like outdoor decor..
I want the winter scene…

I was resisting it.. because Autumn is my fav.. but,
I am thinking maybe it would not be so bad to redecorate.

Maybe do a quarter scene split… lol, never know…

I need someone like LouLou Teichmann or,
Editorial Clarity to come and decorate!

I know they would run wild with a quarter design idea!

Anyway, I shall stop rambling…

Head over to, [ Poetica ] and have a look at the awesomeness!


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