There’s no place I’d rather be!

We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat

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Rather Be – Pentatonix

(Clean Bandit Cover)

While hanging out with, Tiseral last night..
I wanted to take him over too Pink Fuel so,
he could try on some of the Andro skins.

He ended up buying, Ash…

As some of you know,
I have a male alt that I blog with.
Jared Shelter.

I went by Pink Fuel a couple days ago and,
purchased Ashton.

Here is a “pretty much unedited” photo of how Ashton looks on Jared.

Pink Fuel skin on Jared

As you can see, I did not touch the face at all.
The only thing I did was clean up the jagged lines on my neck.

I will take a photo of how Ash looks on, Tiseral the next time we are on SL together.

Before I logged out last night, I put on a nice casual outfit and,
since I loved how it looked…
I decided to go out and take a photo…
I was not intending on blogging, I just wanted a nice photo of it..
but, friends that saw me last night, asked me to blog it..

So, here we are!

Exploring - Blog in Que

I actually purchased one of, Mochi’s Andro skins for Morgie as well!
Which I am wearing it now, it is called, Avery!
This is the only one of the skins as far as I know that also comes with lipsticks.
I would also like to point out this skin looks awesome on MALES!
Honestly, if I had, had the means, I would have purchased all of them on Jared….
and, Morgie for that matter.
I love how non gender specific they are.
And the skins all come with layers for definition…
So, if you would like to be “ripped” no problem..
How about flat chested?
She has you covered!

Look at me, going on and on and on about Pink Fuel…
hahaha, I can not help it..

It’s a great skin line!

Awesome work Mochi!

Oh yes and, this top is another sweet thing..

It’s from Foxes and, I believe this is another store of,
Tyr Rozenblum and, Nina Helix!
I could be wrong but, that is my understanding.

I saw this top on, Tyr’s flickrstream and, I had totally missed it at,
Kustom9 so, you know what that meant……


So, of course I bought a pink sweater!

I honestly could not choose so, I went with what I know…
I was tempted to get a different color though..
This top is great…
I can wear my bell bottoms from, Moon and not have my big butt,
poking through my top!

Anyway… I ended up chatting alot more then I had intended but,
you have to admit.. there is alot of awesome info here… and,
totally worth checking out!

And, yes, my photos are edited but, you can see the awesome value and,
talent even with some filters and windlighting.

OH and.. one more thing…
Yes yes… I know.. on and on…..

As a bonus photo!
I got to spend sometime with, Tiseral last night..
And, while I was driving myself batty trying to find the song from the previous post..
He took this cute pic!

Sunshine ,Puppies and You

Do me a big favor and, go add him, like the photo and, say HI from me in the comments!
o k a y ..

hehehe… thank you for my puppies, Tis!




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Top | Foxes | Frumpy Sweater – Oh! Deer –  Pink | Tyr Rozenblum /Nina Helix | Kustom9 (Nov. 2014)

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