An adjective in Japanese meaning ” pretty; cute; lovely;
charming; dear; darling; pet”.
It’s stem is two kanji meaning “can love”.
It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.
“Chibiusa-chan’s new outfit is so kawaii! “

Blogging Later

Now playing!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Tsukematsukeru

Last night, I stressed myself out trying to find this song!
I knew I had heard it and, I know how it went, so to speak but,
NO ONE in my RL or SL knew what it was and, I could not find any of my,
Japanese friends online or, even designers that I know that are also Japanese…
So, I let it rest over night and here it is..

I love it.. I don’t know why.. I have no idea what they are saying but,
come on.. don’t you think it is so… KAWAII?

I do. plus, the video is so adorable!

One thing before I list the info below and,
move on to the next post because I promised to do at least two posts today,
to make up for missing yesterday.

I NEVER ever take off my Elf ears if I can help it.
I have even adapted them to fit my mesh heads..
However, I did for this post.


Well, Tavleau Vivant and, Glam Affair have released this really sweet looking hair/skin together for,
the Kawaii Project and, well…. I LOVE IT!

Can not very well have two sets of ears hanging out.

That is how much I love the two designers!
I would totally do anything to show you their awesome designs!

PS – If you have not heard, Moon is having a 50% off sale.. on EVERYTHING.. even clothing!




Skin | -Glam Affair | Miko Chii skin – Artic 08 | Aida Ewing | The Kawaii Project (Nov. 2014)

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Chii hair  – Light brunette | M4ri1yn Magic | The Kawaii Project (Nov. 2014) 

Eyes | {S0NG} | Yuki~ Purple Eye | funeral plutonian | Kustom9 (Nov. 2014)

Lashes | Maxi Gossamer | Eyelashes – Party – Inverted Crown – BLACK | Maxi Gossamer |

Hands | Slink |  AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1 | Siddean Munro |

Feet | Slink |  AvEnhance Feet Female – High | Siddean Munro |

Booty: N/A

Shape | So Hawt SL Shapes | Personal Use | Please check my store for others.


Nail Polish | League | Natural French Manicure Fingernails | Nena Janus |


Coat | The Sugar Garden | Puffy Coat – Khak | eilfie sugarplum | The Kawaii Project (Nov. 2014)

Jeans | MOON}.| Dylan Jeans | silent acoustic | 50% Off In store Sale (Nov. 2014 Unknown end Date)




Boots | NS:: | Chic Ankle Boots | nani soulstar | New Release


Poses/Balloons |[Kokolores] | Ballet de Ballon pose set | sisch firecaster | @Cirque de Seraphim (Nov. 2014) |


4 thoughts on “Kawaii

  1. I guess by now after all my comments on your post that i am a fan of Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant! I would be a stalker but….instead I just buy all their skins and hair….I bet you even know that your one of my favorite bloggers…..I am stalking you….lol but in a good and healthy way.

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